Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
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Book 2 - Deep Into Dark


 Deep Into Dark

is written to CAPTIVATE and EDUCATE

struggling young adult readers and professionals

using non-fiction material in a novel-style format!


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Want to know what it feels like to live on the streets?

Want to help your kids avoid making the wrong choices?

Want to help your clients feel the excitement and passion of reading a book?


Set in Perth, Western Australia, Deep Into Dark is based on true anecdotes weaved into the story of fictional character, Hayley Nicole Stevenson.  Through Hayley’s eyes, you will discover the underworld of homeless people and meet drug users and dealers, a convicted murderer, a youth lawyer and police officers. 

Twelve years after writing her first book Streetkid in the City at the age of 17, Delphine Jamet brings maturity into this well-documented and insightful story on the homeless community. 

Why do people live on the streets? Deep Into Dark will change your perspective of life on the streets and the homeless outcasts living on the doorsteps of city dwellers.

Part diary, part interviews, these stories give voice to an underclass in Australian society that is all too often ignored, categorised and patronised.

Deep Into Dark will appeal to teenagers, teachers, parents and all those who work with street kids. Even teenagers who find reading difficult or uninteresting will be captivated by this story that demystifies the homeless lifestyle. Suitable for 12 years +

The first print sold out in three weeks, the second in five!!!


The author’s previous book Streetkid In The City was part of the curriculum in some Australian high schools. Deep Into Dark can be read without having read the first book.

What readers say . . .

“Brilliant honest social study... much better than a boring text book!”

 “If your book was around when my kids were young, they would have received it for Christmas and I would have said to them “if you’re not happy at home, go on the streets and see for yourself if freedom is fun.”

 “So real, felt I was there. I even stop breathing! Love the way you write. Didn’t want the book to finish.”

 “A must read book for anyone working with homeless people.”

 “I had no idea how it’s on the streets. Much prefer Mum’s food and my bed.”

 “Best book, Delphine! Can’t wait for your next one.”

“Scary, moving and riveting. An eye opener for teenagers, parents and educators.”


198 pages. RRP $24.95. Published by Streetkid Industries.


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