Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

Should We Have Aboriginal Courts?



·         I think the courts should be non discriminative and the judges educated more in tribal laws and ways. Women commit crimes for different reasons to men, judges need to be aware of this. Domestic violence need to be more awake by judges and there needs to be consistency.

·         They have got a system up North where people have to go through tribal law rather than white law. I believe it should be used for tribal people and people from the far north who don’t speak English or live by tribal laws. I don’t believe it should relate to Noongars who have lost all or most aboriginal tribal laws and customs.

·         They don’t deserve it. Everyone should be treated equal.

·         I believe that aboriginals who are still involved in their culture and still follow aboriginal laws, should go to special courts but if the aboriginal offender does not show any sign of being interested in their culture or tribal law, they should be dealt with the same as everyone else. For instance, the aboriginals up North in certain tribes, would still get dealt with under their law, even if they have been sentenced and put in jail under the government’s law. Some aboriginal punishments are made to leave the community for certain things, staying out back for a certain amount of months, group bashing or whippings.

·         No, I don’t reckon. We’re all supposed to be treated equal. It’s supposed to be the black and whites together. We should be treated the same as white chicks, we’re no different. I don’t care whether they’re black, white or Asian. We should all be treated the same.

(as said by female offenders).