Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

Allison's Jail Story (2001)



Eighteen year old Allison was a drug user. She was using up to ten shots of speed a day, which she never paid for and sometimes Heroin, which she occasionally paid for. As her boyfriend was doing crime with his mate, she started to become jealous of all the money and drugs they were able to score. The mate was locked up but when he was out, Allison ditched her boyfriend and went out with him. The two began breaking into cars. They went hard for a couple of nights but then went through a stage where they couldn’t even get one (good car) during a day, so she told her boyfriend she wanted to go home and sleep. They drove off but it wasn’t long before she told him ‘I want to get a drink’. The boyfriend stopped in front of a house and told her to use a tap, saying he had no money. Allison knew he did because they’d found a keycard the night before, withdrawing some money. She got out of the car and headed to a house with a yard full of palm trees, blocking the view of the house.

Being pretty whacked out, she blurily made her way to the tap, which was attached to the house. Allison couldn’t see her boyfriend or the car, which didn’t really worry her, so she satisfied her thirst and wet her hair with the cool water. The palm trees were massive and as she was looping out, she thought she was in a forest. Allison looked up at the window to see a lady’s face looking out. She soon returned to the car and they drove off.

When they stopped near a park in Murdoch, her boyfriend got out and opened the boot. Inside were two bags of stolen property which he’d stolen, doing an aggravated burglary when she’d been getting a drink. Allison didn’t touch the goods, as she didn’t want anything to do with it. The cops rocked up and took both of them to the police station, where Allison wasn’t even allowed to talk to her boyfriend. She received the same charges as her boyfriend, although he’d confessed to the truth that Alison hadn’t taken part in the burglary. The cops didn’t even care she was pregnant, let alone care she wasn’t involved in the burglary and even refused her a cup of water before driving them to the Fremantle Lockups. She requested to speak to her boyfriend again but they just told her to shut up, threw a mattress into her cell and told her to go to sleep. The next morning, she wasn’t given breakfast until 10.00 am.

In the morning, Alison was ‘coming down’, so she was very weak and “looked like crap in court”. She was remanded in custody to reappear in three weeks time and was represented by a duty lawyer because her own lawyer was unable to make it. The lawyer asked for a Home Detention assessment report and Allison would stay at her boyfriend’s house. The court said yes, the parents said no. The parents had no idea the two were involved in crime so it came to them as a bit of a surprise but they were aware the two were using (drugs).

So Home D failed, she had nowhere to stay and there was no other option but to remand her in custody. She pleaded guilty to her not guilty charge of aggravated burglary and was told to return in two months time. Allison will be sentenced at the District Court and according to her lawyer, may receive an ISO (Intensive Supervision Order). There are three other charges she will plead guilty to, although she didn’t commit them but she just wants to fast track it. And if she gets out, her first stop will be rehabilitation because she wants OUT of this lifestyle.