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Goal 11 - Swim 50 laps regularly of the local pool - Never give up!

Posted by StreetkidIndustries on January 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Swimming is like a chore, something you just don’t want to get around to doing and easy to procastinate about. Sure, there are some who enjoy it but it’s like running, something that’s hard to fathom how people can enjoy it. I just can’t seem to get my head around that one. But after smashing back my pre-workout shake, setting out on foot and indulging myself in my latest obsession with the “I’m An Albatraoz song”, I was ready to smash it out.


It’s always hard at first. Getting in the cold water. They call that heated? It used to take me hours as a kid to get into a pool. Now I just jump in, have a mini heart attack and then shove myself into the freestyle routine. The body cains, instantly asking me what the hell I am doing! It’s the head numbing reminder that I can quit. I don’t have to do it. I can get out of the pool and GO! FLEE!!!


But I keep going. It gets easier, especially when I start to daydream. Goals mainly. I really want it . . . everything! Fitness, BMX milestones and top placings. I start counting to 10 laps, then 20 and then 30. So it’s time to hit the breakstroke, something I haven’t done in so many years that I’m surprised my body can remember how to do it.


It’s a slooooow swim which started out fast. But I kinda like the relaxing quiet of breaking through the water, gliding like an effortless water bird. Just like freestyle, I focus on every movement, perfecting every stroke to the point it counts. Might as well do it the best I can, just like everything in life.


Finally I have reached 18 laps of breastroke, by now my body is caining, the muscles are heavy like lead, telling me it’s time to give up. But I feel elated, some form of energy surging through me as I smash the last 2 freestyle laps. I haven’t done more than 30 laps in some 10 or so years. At least I can’t remember anyway, it’s a fossilised memory I can’t seem to retrieve.


And it’s done. Nah, it wasn’t that hard but wow it feels fantastic. January 10 – an achievement. So far every day this year I have been able to achieve something great, today being something on my bucket list. Now the hard part, to keep doing it regularly. I realise that if I could achieve all my other goals like this swim, life would be brilliant. I just have to do it, don’t give up and reach the end!



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