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Goal 17 - Visit the Perth Zoo

Posted by StreetkidIndustries on January 12, 2015 at 7:05 PM

Like a child, I excitedly envisioned the animals on my mental list as preferable to see, as I paid my dues to enter the Perth Zoo. I had wanted to visit for so many years but hadn’t made the effort and now I waited with abated breath and hope that this experience would be as fun as when I was a mere child.


I was surprised that there were hardly any patrons in the zoo, considering it was the middle of the school holidays. Had technology and gaming taken away the child privileges of experiencing the world and nature? I had expected it to be as busy as a normal day at Adventure World but no, I more or less had run of the place, no queues to see the unexpected. This could be defined as sleepy animals who most of the time managed to abstain from public view!


I enjoyed walking around the trails that lead to hidden enclosures emersed in beautifully designed environments, drowned in greenery and kept cool with tall trees of a hundred years. I remembered the vibrant sounds of the animals more clearly as being loud and theatrical that last time I came, not the silence that embedded the closures of sleepy animals, Voices of excited children filled the air from time to time, also nowhere near as dramatic as I could remember. Still, it was fun playing Where’s Wally amid camouflaged environments in hope to spot a little bit of life and playfullness among the withdrawn creatures.


Much had changed but then much hadn’t, a bit of both intertwined in the locations I had wandered as a child a mere few decades ago, lost in innocence and wonder as I had held the hands of a parent to experience what little I knew about the real world . . . limited to enclosures at the zoo. It was a pleasant experience, particularly spacing myself away from technology for the day, which tends to limit my sense of self. But as I think back, perhaps it isn’t a place to go without friends or a nicely packed picnic basket. Sometimes it’s not the same visiting the fountain of youth that enables us to revert to the past. My joyful memories in this case are quite suited to being left alone. But it was a nice day nethertheless.

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