Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

Feelings when using drugs . . .

* As said by homeless and street-based people (ie youth workers)


Heroin / Morphine:
Local street names used in Perth: horse, hammer, slow, smack, pk, packet, h, harry, downer, gear, dope, junk, snow, opium poppy. Morphine - grey nurse (100 mg), purple nurse (60 mg), orange nurse (30 mg), conti, greys, tabs, morph tabs.

1) H works like a thousand cones at once. It puts you in a relaxed mood and makes you mellow out for four to five hours. It depends on how good the gear is.
2) Bang! Big rush, overflowing all your entire body and your mind. You feel very affected and then everything's very slow. You feel kinda floppy but good. And then it's sort of a noddy experience where you sort of drift in and out of consciousness.
3) At first it's like a fast rush, then when you look around, it starts to go slow, from your head downwards and then you feel at peace and some people nod off.


Local street names used in Perth: goey, go-fast, go, whiz, whipper, speed, upper, billy-whiz, fast, deccies.

1) I can't stay in the same spot for more than five minutes. I say a thousand words a minute and you just can't stay still. You want to talk to everyone.
2) I feel relaxed. Half the relaxation is hollowed out. Bang . . . you've got to move. How can I get the money for more, is the first thought on your mind. Time flies, especially when you have sex.
3) It depends on the quality of it but it can be a slow come-on or a quite a fast one where things just speed up. You feel nervous in your tummy, with like all drugs, you feel a bit nervous but as long as you take it in the right situations . . . it's quite therapeutic.



Local street names in Perth: E's, eccie, bikkies, tabs, love drug.

1) I just see heaps of things. It's like a trip, you see heaps of colours, you wanna have sex, you feel horny and you feel everything. You just feel happy until you come down.
2) It ranges from a slow coming on to feeling your heartbeat go faster and faster, building up to a very euphoric state. Very happy. Visual effects, emotional effects, body, physical, touching, hugging, sniffing fix.
3) All it did for me was make everything bright. For a lot of people, it turns them on but it didn't happen for me.


Local street names in Perth: gunja, grass, green, green grass of home, reefer, wacky weed, wacky backy, head, stick, pot, mull, spliff, dope, weed.

1) I get paranoid, hungry and tired. I sit back and relax. Some people get horny but some people don't want to do much. I get schizophrenic.
2) Good stress relief, immediate impact when you use it, a distortion of your reality in a sense . . . you get hungry. Munchies!
3) I get really weak and I'm unable to do anything like simple tasks like brushing my hair or pouring a drink.


Local street names in Perth: acid, trips, double dipped.

1) You get paranoid and you hallucinate. You basically see things. LSD is what a person sees. What is going through your head is what you see but not all the time.
2) It's really a heightening of all your senses, mostly your vision senses things you can have, like flowers will look very interesting. So your view changes to your looking at small minute things. Sometimes when you're in big spaces, it's too much, you can't cope with that. You don't know what's happening. There's a disorientation with your surroundings and with your own workings, things are fragmented. It's total distortion.
3) LSD is probably one of the most confusing drug there is, probably because you're hallucinating all the time.


Local street names in Perth: booze, piss, liquid lunch, amber fluid (beer), grog, alkinge, medicine.

1) You get alcohol poisoning. You get happy, you can feel any emotion like angry, sad and aggressive. Some people get horny and you walk funny. I believe you can drink yourself sober by getting alcohol poisoning and then you become sober.
2) The feeling of emotion . . . when you start drinking, I think that you enjoy it but you reach a point where your body can't cope with the amount of alcohol you've taken or it can't break it down, so you lose balance, you can become quite cheery, vomity, angry, aggressive. Angry and aggressive I see with alcohol.
3) I feel like I've got heaps of energy to run around or dance and then when I drink more, I need to be sick to feel better again.

* Solvents (petrol, paint, glue etc.):

Local street names in Perth: sniff, sniffers.

1) When I first learnt to sniff, I felt really good and then after 15 minutes, I pass out and when I wake up, I’ve got paint all over me.
2) On top of the world! Like I can do anything because I’m used to it and I can keep it under control. I used to black out.
3) It's alright but the smell's in you for a while. Silver paint’s the best.


Local street names in Perth: coke, nose candy, snort, devil's dandruff.

1) It felt like shit. At first, it’s pretty wicked (cool) but then you’re hanging out and you feel like shit and you want more.
2) You feel like shit and you just get worse and worse as you come down.
3) You raise your arm in the air because you're the champion of the world. Euphoric!


Benzodiazepines (Valium, Temarzipan, Serepax etc.):
Local street names in Perth: Benzos, temazzies, vallies, serries.

1) Just a feeling of relaxed, a really relaxed emotional state where you don't really give a shit about anything, but you can have a car hit you and you'd be okay with it kinda stuff. Really floppy and everything feels okay. You're not stressed.
2) Temazipan – I shot it up 12 times and it doesn’t do shit!
3) I don’t know, I can’t remember. I just can’t remember anything I do.