Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

Grimace Railway Police Violence Story (September 1999)


The Railway Police came up to me for swearing in public and then they grabbed us. They took us into a room and smashed my brother’s face into the floor. They kept pounding it. He was taken to the East Perth Lockups where he stayed there in observation overnight and then taken to court. The judge said he’s not fit enough to be in court at that moment, today. So he got court security to take him to Royal Perth Hospital where he went ape-shit, got kicked out, had to be taken to Charles Gardner (Hospital) and he was unconscious for four days with blood clots to the brain. We’re talking to Youth Legal Service at the moment and we’ve got the State Ombudsman making investigations into the Railway Police.

They were strangling my brother so I leapt across the room to try rip them off and then I got hog-tied. They slammed him down to the ground, handcuffed him and started smashing his face into the floor. Right here in the Patrol Office . . . the interview room. They were smart about it, because when they first got him, they pushed him up against the wall underneath where the camera is. The camera’s up in the corner and just when I leapt across the room to drill him, they took him out and seen it on video camera with their hands around his throat, strangling him.