Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

How Police Can Improve Their Policing (2003)



  • ŸBetter attitudes towards the public, better understanding towards the homeless and streetkids instead of always putting them down and try to understand their situation.
  • ŸMore socialising (like saying hello and having a quick chat) with the street community instead of only talking to us when they want to get us for something or want to search us. Also, they should be more out on beat instead of sitting around in their office or playing games at Timezone after their lunch break at night.
  • They need to make themselves more approachable to everyone.
  • They try and assert their authority. Some of them haven't been around long enough to know what's going on. Sometimes when you get two officers, one feels they have something to prove by trying to get as many convictions as they can and will try to bust you for everything. The older cops do have more of an understanding but some are still like the young ones.
  • They should serve in the country for a couple of years at least, just like they used to do with the teachers.
  • They shouldn't because I like getting away with my crimes.
  • Because the Northern Territory is mainly country, the police are a lot fairer. They realise they don't just have to police the state, they have to live with the people.
  • The police need to be more friendlier with young people. They need to teach us what is wrong and what is right without lecturing or trying to bust us for anything they can to get us away from the streets or the city. Instead of making themselves feel like a threat, they should become more of a mentor. They've got the time . . . I've seen them try and waste time anyway they can. The end result would make their job more easier and all they have to do, is become more friendlier and say hello and stuff to us.
  • They need to stop worrying about petty things and start worrying about more important things such as people who are running around raping people and politicians are wrong! They’ve got to start worrying about their country’s homeless people and not other country’s’ situations.
  • Lay off the criminals and innocent people.
  • Chase me more.
  • Stop intimidating people.
  • Don’t wear guns because the guns give them false senses of security, power and why should they carry guns and no one else can? They should never forget they are public servants, not public nuisances.
  • Each shop should have a police officer.
  • A more regular beat.
  • Start having more coppers on Sunday nights. They’re only got about two patrols to cover the entire city.
  • They need two on every corner and check all the people hanging around.
  • More patrols. City Watch (Police Station) is supposed to be open 24/7 but it’s often closed a minimum of three times a week.
  • They need better culturally appropriate training and need to be skilled in areas of issues affecting young people, homeless people and drug and alcohol issues.

(as said by homeless people).