Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

(Not everyone on this list lived on the streets!)


1999 (October) - Skye Maloney - Killed by a 17 year old boy on the day he got his licence. His car smashed into hers and she was instantly killed.

2001 (May) - Melinda Mae Davies - Murdered by her ex husband. She was living on the streets in the safety and comfort of her homeless friends outside the Perth Entertainment Centre to escape her violent ex.

2001 (May) - Noongar Terry - Killed when his drunk girlfriend pushed him in front of a car near the ramp on Roe Street that goes over the train tracks to the Perth Entertainment Centre.

2001 - Roxanne 'Roxy' Peet - Suicided after not being able to cope with losing her two legs some years earlier.

2003 - Maco - He would sleep in the entrance of the TAFE building on Murray Street in the city. He would have two shopping trolleys filled with his possessions parked around him and the doorway when he slept. One morning, he died in his sleep.

2003 (March) - Jamie 'Trippa' Jebb - Suicide

2005 - Shannon - OD. She'd turned her life around, got off the drugs and full custody of her child and decided to go to TAFE to study Juvenile Justice. The constant bullying and harrassment from the head lecturer, who made life tough for a few other students, made her turn to drugs and then she died, maybe by accident, no one knows.

2006 (December) - Wheelie - Died in his wheelchair after living on the streets for awhile.

2006 (December) - Stacey Mitchell - Murdered

2007 (February) - Chelsea Lowry - Died outside the Salvation Army on Beaufort Street, apparently from a heart attack although there are rumours that it was a drug overdose

2007 - Little Terry - Suicide

2009 (July 14) - David Evans - Suicide

2009 (October) - Paulie - Kidney failure due to a golden staph infection

2009 (November) - Bec Laurence - OD from heroin

2009 - Wheelchair Colin - Hot shot

2010 (September 6) - Leif Nielsen - Died of cancer. He was truly inspirational when it came to rewriting Deep Into Dark and offered amazing intelligence in all areas of novel developments. Thankyou Leif!

2010 (December) - Buffalo Bill - Beaten to death and was given a hot shot

2011 (April 7) - Anthony 'Crow' Tidbits - suicide 

2011 (April 28) - Tammy Newton - Murdered  (miss you girl :( xxx )

2011 (December 5) - Zack Newton - Passed away. Life support was turned off.

2013 - Yahoo - reason unknown

2014 (March) - Bluey - natural causes, died in his sleep

2015 - Gay John - Suicide

2016 (January 13) - Sheronne wallam


Miss you all and I'll never forget you

- - RIP - -