Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

Street Terms



Australian Street Terms



A throwdown – Untraceable weapon


Being a give up – Giving information to police

Belong in the loop – Being involved

Bighouse – Jail

Blue – $10 note

Bong – Instrument to smoke marijuana

Brotherhood – Police force or bikie gang

Bucket – Instrument to smoke marijuana

Burned – Ripped off

Buy-bust –     1) Police buying a few grams before busting the dealer

                   2) Buy-bust - an arrest of a person or persons caught in the act of illegal drug dealing


Cage – Beg for money

Chasing – Looking for drugs

Cleanskin - Nothing on them

Courier – Someone carrying or delivering drugs

Crew – Graffiti gang or a group of mates

Crop – Marijuana

Crop Sitters – Gardener and guard to marijuana plantations

Crow – Prostitute


Dang – Shot of drugs

Dardy – Very good or good looking

Dees – Plain clothed police or detectives

Demon – Unmarked police car

Docket Photo – Photo taken when arrested

Dropped – Making someone fall to the ground from a hit (ie punch)

Druggie – Drug user

Durry – Cigarette


Fanny pack – Stuff hidden in the vagina, usually drugs

Feed – Something to eat

Five finger discount – Shoplift

Five Nine – Police

Foil – A $25 bag of marijuana

Fruit – Lesbian


Gin – Native woman

Gobblegork – offensive for Asian language

Green – $100 note

Green lighting – Police protection

Gun scales – Weighs grains


Hammer – Heroin

Hawking the fork – Prostitution

Heads – People

Holiday – Jail

Hot shot –      1) Lethal dose of heroin

                   2) Heroin mixed with strychnine or battery acid

Hottie – Stolen car


“I want my wife cleaned” – I want my wife killed


Johnny Roger – Stiffie (penis)

Joint – Cigarette roll of marijuana

“Jump on it” – Dilute the drug


Kick in the pants – Unofficial warning, not as common as it used to be


Laying a trifecta – Laying a minor charge


Microdot – Type of LSD

Monage – Police

Monkey Bus – Police blue paddy wagon

Mule – Drug couriers, hired by associates

Mull – Fine shredded marijuana.


Narc – Undercover cop/Detective

Noongars – Aboriginals

Not in an identifiable state – No evidence

NZ green – mull


“One in, one out” – only one police officer in an unmarked police car

One up – Alone


Packet – $50 bag of amphetamines

Phat – Something really good

Pinches – arrests

Pineapple – $50 note

Pink rocks – Impure heroin from Thailand and Philippines

Poly drug user – User of different drugs

Pothead – Heavy user of marijuana

Priority One – Sirens and lights

Priority Two – Lights

Properly dressed – Armed with a gun

Pusher – Dealer


Red – $20 note

Red Herrings – Witness implicating others by producing false information which is later to be  found


Red light district – Prostitute area

Runner – Drug courier

Runners – Police in the courts


Shat – Freak out

Shit yourself – Freak out

Shot –  1) 30 ml of alcohol

            2) Intravenous dosage of drugs

Sick – Cool

Scank – Slut

Smash – fight

Sniff – Inhale paint or glue

Snow dropper – Person who steals clothing from clothes lines

Spin – Tobacco (in a joint)

Squealed – Dobbed

Stingers – Tyre deflation devices

Stoker – Cone piece (to smoke marijuana in a bong)

Streetie – Person living on the streets

Streetkid – Person under 18 living on the streets


Tab – Square of paper soaked in LSD

Tabards – Bullet proof vests with POLICE on them

Tags – Graffiti

Tank men – Safe crackers

Taxing – Keeping a portion of heroin

‘The dogs’ – Surveillance

Top yourself – Kill Yourself


U/C – Undercover

Unit – Police Car/Team

User – Person who uses drugs


Voddies – Vodka

Vulture Culture – Old guys preying on young girls


Weigh in – pay a bribe

Weight – Gram of heroin

Whammy – Doing a backfire in a car on purpose


Yahndi – mull

“Your dog is sick” – Your phone is tapped.