Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

The Best Thing Police Do For Streeties



  • ŸThey lock us up so we get a comfortable bed and breakfast and a hot shower in the morning.
  • There are good ones, mainly the older ones. They didn't harass me when I was on the streets. 75% of the coppers here in WA are absolutely mongrels. 25% are nice cops – who humanely treat a person unless force is needed. There are people, the actual citizens, that treat all police as our enemy instead of what they actually work for. They work to police the society. There is a law, you break it, you pay for it. The actual true cop will treat you the right way and they have laws to abide to.
  • They come up for a chat to see how you are. That's what makes a good cop. Sometimes I like to annoy them to get a reaction and some still say hello. If they do, I won’t harass them again. Those cops are worth respecting.
  • They leave me alone. They're cool as long as they do their own thing and let us do our thing.
  • They’re so caring! They follow me for hours around the city and sometimes they sit on a brick wall across the street, watching me to make sure I’m all right. Just like bodyguards but funded by tax payers in a way.

(as said by homeless people).