Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

Tiff's Drug Interview


How long have you been using drugs?

About 10 years. I used speed, weed, paint


Have you had any bad reactions?

A couple. It was only one shot that felt really bad. I woke up and my vein started popping out of my skin. I was a bit scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen and I didn’t want to go to hospital because you just want to die because you don’t want it on your record. Because of the long term mark – “alert”.


Have you seen anyone OD?

I’ve OD before on load of drugs, alcohol, prescribed medications, alcohol. I don’t remember what happens or what leads up to it and I wake up in hospital. I get taken by ambulance and sometimes the cops. One of my friends OD and passed away from heroin. The doctors don’t really say much and just whisper “OD” to each other and then you have a site person coming in, duty of care welfare officer who comes and talks to you and you can’t be on your own in the cubicle because you might run off, OD again or something might happen. I didn’t go to a detox but they just let me out the next day. They don’t make any phone calls to anyone, I don’t have any parents or family.



I was in a foster family and I became on the streets at the age of 10 and then street people showed me what to do and ever since then, I’ve been on drugs. The drugs makes me happy and go all over the place and forget. They never last long enough. I have a decent quality supply, no one’s going to get 99.9% like I do of speed. I smoke it through the pipe, it’s a lot better than shooting up because it’s more purer.  It hits you slower than shooting but it’s a lot better because you don’t feel so crap and all the crap stop is burnt off.


How does it feel like being on speed?

You’re at a fast pace, heart beats heaps faster, I can remember stuff but soon forget it like smoking a cigarette and then forgetting where I got it from. When I first had it the first time, I had an epileptic fit and then I never had another fit again. I used to have them almost every day even on the streets and then I suddeny stopped and haven’t had one ever since. I stay awake for 60 hours at the longest time, sometimes 24 hours and then I sleep for 5 hours and then do it all over again. I never get hungry, I don’t even eat when I come down. I stop 3 days at a time so I can eat. If you eat and you’re on speed, it slows the speed down. Some people sleep for 13 hours which is the longest amount of time I know, I don’t know how they do it.

When I come down, you feel really slow and you get cravings for more so you don’t ever come down but I have to come down to eat.

I never worry what’s in the drug because it’s always good because I know the person doing it on a very good level. I hear about stuff people have in their drug but my friend doesn’t like it. Who he sells it to, it’s up to them if you want to cut it up because it is pure, not because it’s easier to make more money. When you shoot up the bad stuff, you can die or get hospitalised like my friend who died.

I’ve never been caught with drugs on me. I know people who have had drugs on them and they’ve gone to jail for 2 to 3 years, depending on how much you’ve been caught with. People living on the streets are more likely to go to jail.

I know all sorts of people who use drugs from aboriginals, teenagers, people who live at home and parents. Grandparents. The youngest kid would have been me at the age of 10, I was really scared at first because I didn’t know what was in the speed. An 18 year old guy gave it to me because he had some on him . I was as tall as a 5 year old and really skinny when I was 10. He was telling me it would keep me awake for an hour or two.

I’ve been in heaps of hostels, too many to name, because of homelessness and drugs. Some hostels had heaps of drugs, didn’t really deal too much from the inside. They never bag searched you so you could easily hide it but if they suspect it, they could do room searches. They never tried to help me get off the drugs, I would have liked it. I couldn’t go to a rehab because you have to have an adult to sign you into a drug rehab and I didn’t have parents so I couldn’t go. Youth workers can’t do it for me. They’re not supposed to but now they do because they say how much it can hurt. I was made a ward of the state from the age of 2 days old. I moved from place to place all my life, I never knew when I’d move again or to where and it was quite hard and I felt unstable. The longest I stayed at one place was six months. I felt more vulnerable in care than the streets because I felt I had more control on the streets.

I never went to juvie or adults. I never got arrested as a kid. I was quite shy and took me three months to get a coffee off the Christians and say hello. He’d come across and I’d run because I was scared, I didn’t know him. After away, I started walking up to him.