Author & Researcher Delphine Jamet
- For the CHASE CREW -

Using Drugs Interview


What drugs do you use?

Fingers: At the moment, I use dope, alcohol and speed. I used to use Heroin, Morphine, Subutext and sleeping pills. Sometimes it’s anything I can get.

Clare: Pot, speed, alcohol, cigarettes . . . that’s just about it.

Natalie: Alcohol since I was 15. Mull a few times.

Aza: I just use deccies and marijuana.

Poison Ivy: Speed and pot. Once a month maybe an e (eccie). It all started in one go.

Dopey: Nicotine, Alcohol, Marijuana, trips, Ecstasy, speed and Heroin.

Jonathon: Everything and anything under the sun except for petrol and glue sniffing. I don’t use anymore.

Kirsty: Pot, acid, pills and alcohol.

Eza: Besides nicotine and caffeine, marijuana and alcohol . . . that’s it so far. I intend to try more.


Why do you use drugs?

Fingers: It’s a good escape route from reality and all my problems.

Clare: To get off my face.

Natalie: Alcohol blocks the pain and trauma I constantly suffer each day. I drink to get drunk and I like to cause trouble. When I’m drunk, I get away with it and it takes the frustration that builds up deep inside of me.

Aza: Because they’re fun and I like the effects.

Poison Ivy: To enhance rhythm to music. Sometimes to relax especially after a bad day. Sometimes to get munted (trashed) so we can dribble (conversation) at each other. Most of the time, we end up laughing. The best jokes come when you’re on drugs but sometimes I can’t afford it. My priorities come first.

Dopey: Because I enjoy it. I enjoy the rush of ecstasy and speed, the taste of tobacco and marijuana. Acid is just a plus and I’ve only used Heroin once but I’ll never use it again – it’s nasty.

Jonathon: My family has a large history of drug dealing and I took up the family business to support my habit.

Kirsty: To escape from my life. To have fun and they’re cheap.

Eza: Pretty much I’ll try everything once and I fully believe in the saying, if you haven’t tried it, you can’t say.


When do you use drugs?

Fingers: Whenever I’m depressed, in a bad mood or just not having a good day. Anytime really.

Clare: Nearly everyday.

Natalie: I mainly drink on Fridays and Saturdays. I stopped drinking for almost 14 months but I’m starting to feel too much pain. I don’t care if I do though (drink), I’m nothing without alcohol.

Aza: When I feel like them. Twice a week at least but I’m not a big drug user.

Poison Ivy: In moderation, consideration and consequently. I just make sure I’m with friends when I do it.

Dopey: Everyday, everytime I can and as much as I can.

Jonathon: Whenever I could.

Kirsty: As often as possible, nearly everyday.

Eza: When someone shouts me and from someone I trust.


What happens when you OD (overdosed)?

Fingers: I’ve OD twice. Once on hammer (Heroin) and another on pills. I went to hospital both times and got my stomach pumped. They kept me in observation. I don’t remember much.

Clare: I’ve never OD.

Natalie: I’ve OD once and had (serious) blood alcohol poisoning twice. The ambulance took me twice and when I OD, the coppers put me in the back of a car to the hospital. I don’t remember much but they kept getting the new nurses to jab the needle into my arm so they can do the salt drip. I spose it was good practice for them but it gave me nothing but bruises as they kept missing. I’d get released several hours later, maybe six. Once, RPH paid for my taxi to go to a detox place for the night. It was actually well into the morning when I got there.

Dopey: I haven’t fully OD but I’ve had green fever (marijuana) from smoking to much. I started dry retching. You try and throw up but there’s nothing to throw up.

Jonathon: I’ve OD many a time. I don’t remember, just a lot of pain when I did. Many of my friends died from it (five).

Eza: Technically I haven’t gone to hospital but I had too much drugs the other day and kept throwing up. I’ve tried suicide by alcohol and prescription drugs and I passed out for about three days.


Is it okay to use drugs?

Fingers: No it’s not. My opinion is it’s a weak way out but I’m weak so I take this way out.

Clare: Yes because it relaxes you and makes you concentrate on certain things.

Natalie: Yes, even hardcore. It’s a way of life. It’s a form of medicine. I don’t know any real alternatives, particularly with alcohol.

Aza: Yes. It’s okay if you do it safely as recreation. Not as a full-time activity.

Dopey: It’s okay if you use in moderation but if you abuse drugs, then you become addicted. It’s no good. You shouldn’t use drugs if you can’t handle it.

Jonathon: No. They ruin your life and it’s a waste of money people don’t have.

Kirsty: Yes because sometimes being on drugs is better than being in real life.

Eza: As long as it doesn’t get to the point you’re not fully dependent and you’re with someone you trust.


Who influenced you?

Fingers: Really my friends and my lifestyle. My upbringing.

Clare: Friends.

Natalie: No one really influenced me. I sold my skateboard for a bottle of bourbon in Year 8 and rocked up to science class drunk. I need alcohol. It’s especially fun when you’re 18 because the authorities don’t like you doing it.

Aza: Friends probably. And my brother.

Poison Ivy: Curiosity and watching my sister fall apart. I thought maybe I should give it a try and see what it does to me. I wanted to try something new. I’m happy with myself and I haven’t destroyed my family yet. I started when I was ten. Speed was good for me because I get my work done.

Dopey: My best friend who is now my drug dealer. My parents both smoke dope, I used to see them smoke bongs when I was a kid.

Jonathon: Family, friends and depression. My uncle is currently serving a 17 year sentence for mass drug importation.

Kirsty: My friends.

Eza: No one really influenced me. I was just hanging around people who were doing it and had heaps of fun, so I decided I may as well try.


What can prevent you from using?

Fingers: Family. A lot of my close friends and my will to make good for myself.

Clare: Move to another state where I don’t know anyone.

Natalie: Nothing can prevent me from drinking. My pain and trauma will never go. I stopped for 14 months because I didn’t want to get busted or locked up. But things change and I don’t care anymore. Feel free to stick a bullet in me. Just make sure I get cremated in the end. That’s what my mum’s going to do.

Aza: Nothing really. Just myself and bad experiences.

Poison Ivy: Someone who really cares about me. If there was someone around me I could hurt, I’d definitely stop.

Dopey: Nothing can make me stop. I choose to start, I choose to stop. I am independent and I make my own decisions.

Jonathon: Watching my friends die and family going to jail.

Kirsty: Being pregnant.

Eza: If I try it and I don’t like it or if someone hates me using it.