Apartments, Duplex & Hostels

07 - Akeringa Fire Units

Apartments, fire, arson, Karawara

08 - City Men's Hostel

City hostel, bail hostel, men, homeless, parolees

07 - Balga Reburbish Ceased House

House, refurbishment started, possibly ceased

13 - Brisbane Street Abandoned

Deceased estate, Greek, Northbridge, traditional, family living, business attached

Trashed motel, accomodation, tennis court, retreat, unknown history

12 - Como Units Leonora Street

Como Units

Old unit block, sold to property developers, proposed redevelopment site

12 - Dianella Duplex Maryville Homes

Catholic Cottage Homes, aged care, duplex, three blocks

25 - Fremantle Beach Hostel Jack Fazio P

Cheap accomodation, illegal renovations, Fremantle Council, emergency eviction, Jack Fazio property

14 - Holland Street Units Freo Slum

Homeswest apartment block, slum, Fremantle, drug dealing, anti-social hot spot, now demolished

31 - Hostel Milligan Perth Pearl Villa

City hostel, budget accomodation, meth lab, squatters, future 37-storey hotel redevelopment

44 - Nedlands REGIS Retirement Village A

Abandoned since 2011, full of possessions, becoming more trashed, graffiti and street art, retirement village

Rockingham Aged Care Facility

Aged care, retirement village, possesions left behind

07 - West Leederville Duplex Units

Mostly abandoned & boarded up, number of residents refusing to move out, Site Sentrys on site

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© The moral rights of the author has been asserted. Free the clicks!
© The moral rights of the author has been asserted. Free the clicks!