26 - Belmont Deceased Estate House

Belmont Deceased Estate

01  - October 2020

02 - October 2020

03 - December 2020

I returned to this site just after two months in the company of three friends. Two were keen to see it, as they hadn't had a chance yet. A few things had changed since. Most notably, the boat was no longer in the backyard!

We had a brief look around when we noticed there were fresh oranges in the bedroom with the two single beds, as well as female products and clothes. It looked like there was a squatter living here.


As we were discussing whether or not we should leave, especially if the female returned, we heard her voice talking to someone in the backyard as she walked up to the house. She obviously heard our voices too and quickly disappeared next door into the old workshop. We immediately left, out of respect.

04 - June 2021

After the fire