04 - All Signs East Victoria Park

Shops and offices, demolished, new Woolworths redevelopment site, East Victoria Park

Ascot, big property, almost completely demolished

08 - Coburn Caravans Naval Base

Caravan shop, demolished

01 - Hay Street Squat

East Perth, abandoned office, homeless, squat, drug dealing, drug roads, now inaccessible

05 - High Street Vet Fremantle

Abandoned for years, dilapidated, burnt, Fremantle, relocated, auctioned off but failed to meet the minimum price

08 - Inglewood Facade Strip.JPG

Beaufort Street, heritage shopfront, new housing development, apartments

11 - Italian Village Fremantle Office

Office, aged care, frail residents, dementia, White Gum Valley

05 - Midway Taxi Rank Mt Hawthorn

Abandoned for years, old taxi business and rank, Mount Hawthorn, sold in July 2020 to developers, proposed redevelopment site

13 - Miller's Tyre Service Rockingham

Rockingham, trashed, warehouse

14 - Radio Service Centre

Como, radio service, long history

01 - Woodside Capital Square (First Visi

Perth, Spring Street, Woodside, Tower 2 construction site, Site Services Holdings security, crane and swimming pools on site