04 - All Signs East Victoria Park

Shops and offices, demolished, new Woolworths redevelopment site, East Victoria Park

04 - AllStates Marine & Food

Marine food source, warehouse distribution


Chappelly Autos

Car mechanic centre, future demolition, redevelopment site, aged care apartments

Ascot, big property, almost completely demolished

08 - Coburn Caravans Naval Base

Caravan shop, demolished

01 - Hay Street Squat

East Perth, abandoned office, homeless, squat, drug dealing, drug roads, now inaccessible

05 - High Street Vet Fremantle

Abandoned for years, dilapidated, burnt, Fremantle, relocated, auctioned off but failed to meet the minimum price


Hilton IGA

Closed-down supermarket, redevelopment site, near Beaconsfield

08 - Inglewood Facade Strip.JPG

Beaufort Street, heritage shopfront, new housing development, apartments

11 - Italian Village Fremantle Office

Office, aged care, frail residents, dementia, White Gum Valley


Madeley Garden Nursery

Old garden nursery, now demolished, beautiful estate, traditional family living

05 - Midway Taxi Rank Mt Hawthorn

Abandoned for years, old taxi business and rank, Mount Hawthorn, sold in July 2020 to developers, proposed redevelopment site


Noranda Hills Nursery

Old garden nursery, now demolished, vacated for a long time

14 - Radio Service Centre

Como, radio service, long history


Rockingham Sex Shop

Vacant shop, earmarked for demolition, redevelopment, squatter's home

02 - Shell Rockingham.JPG

Service Stations

Vacant for years, graffiti hotspot, future redevelopment sites



Wedding restaurant and venue


Wanneroo Dog Kennels

Possible deceased estate, dog kennels & cattery, vacant for years