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01 - Como Melville Parade Apartment Development

Como Melville Parade Offices

After being approved for a mixed-use development with a cafe or restaurant and residential homes in March 2020, only one apartment had sold during the year to follow. Interestingly, it is also being reported that in September 2018 and January 2020, the development application was approved.

As per usual, the econimical state of current times was blamed, what with its associated increased cost of building resources and the like.

Site owner Ling Pty Ltd went back to the drawing board utilising the services of Pennock Architects, to come up with a new design, which saw significant improvements that included decreasing the size of apartments, co-working space, removing the wine store, cafe, sun lounge and sun terrace, as well as an overall slenderer and more elegant look. Apparently. Although it would be interesting to see what the original design looked like.


Either way, it was approved in July 2022 and is being advertised as "Riverfront Living" Como Beach Residences (don't worry about the Kwinana Freeway that separates you from the river!) Interestingly, Como Beach Residences is already being used by Salt Property's new apartment development, located on Prestron Street.


Consisting of 12 apartments over four storeys, sales marketing uses keywords that are starting to feel typically customary: combined functionality, craftmanship, sustainability, boutique homes, modern lifestyle... nothing feels original anymore.


Now comes the next waiting period whilst the building becomes increasingly trashed with graffiti, urine, property left behind and the effects of feral drug-using squatters (so far, no less than nine needles were visible and that was some time ago!). A video recently posted on Facebook by a member of "The Como and surrounds community (WA Perth)" shows a massive pile of debris and rubbish between the front of the building and the mailbox, although it's difficult to know whether or not sanctioned 'stripping' of the building's interior is the result of official work. No doubt, locals will look forward to the demolition of this site, particularly due to the abusive shouting that is said to be a regular occurrence.

The 91m2 building was last leased on 15 June 2015 and an estimation of the building's worth has been put at an average of $1.68m. Some of the previous tenants include Urban Resources, DeGrey, Earthex Logistics, Rise Information Technology and InnoGreen.

The Malaysian-owned developer Millieu Group, owned by Siew Lung Wong who is based in Western Australia, was credited with receiving developmental approval for the $4.2 million project.

October 2022

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