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Current clickable links are limited to those that share files with the South Fremantle Power Station and will therefore take you to that official website's page.

East Perth-specific documents are yet to be uploaded to this site. Most of the following future pages DO NOT yet have links, so clicking some areas will simply limit you to some sort of finger tic.

Mobile-view, as per norm, is quite munted. We apologise for any frustrations you may experience during this challenging time.

Some file sizes may be bigger than you can handle, hence why sizes have been added in red after a file name.


(Atlhough for the majority who reside in the first world, access to unlimited NBN shouldn't be an issue and for those who nethertheless reside in a first world but DON'T have unlimited NBN, it's probably just another drama for you. Which could in theory, be likened to iPhone v Samsung (presented in that order intentionally)).


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Power Station

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Selling the Power Station

Thermal Power Plants

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WA Planning Commission

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