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03 - East Perth Power Station - Top Floor Boiler Room

East Perth Power Station
Second Floor

P1 - 40t Overhead Crane

Servicing the turbine hall, this 40 tonne overhead crane was made by Babcock and Wilcox Ltd (UK).

Installed in the early stages of the power station's construction between 1914-1916, it served to assemble the machinery and plant, as well as the later extensions that were to follow.

Overhead cranes at the time were fitted with a mechanical braking system, seemingly a feature which is no longer as common, in favour of dynamic brakes. One of the biggest advantages of a dynamic braking system, is that there are no mechanical brake shoes to wear out. On the other hand, dynamic brakes are unable to hold a suspended load.

Whilst the crane is no longer operational, heritage studies undertaken of the East Perth Power Station has deemed it highly significant.

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