Old sheds, stripped Ford Falcon, vineyard, horse stable, asbestos house, graffiti

03 - Cockburn Cars.jpg

Old cars, cleared block, future residential estate

10 - Cockburn Abandoned Sheds

Forgotten site, sheds, abandoned car & possessions

11 - Greenacre Horse Stables and Riding

Old horse stables & riding school, lack of funds and interest, abandoned, graffiti & street art, Wellard

02 - Oakley Abandoned Farm House

Oakley, farm house, chickens, pasture, possible deceased estate, country

01b - Old Farm King Road

Oldbury, suspected deceased estate, furniture left behind, dilapidated, very weathered, graffiti & street art

02 - Wonderland Acreage Abandoned Farm S

Farmhouses, cottages, shed, big property, dilapidated, overgrown