Government & Institutions

15 - Army Post 10 FSB.JPG

Australian Army, transport division, depot, driver training facility, future housing estate

10 - Beaconsfield Challenger TAFE

TAFE, educational institution, proposed redevelopment site

02 - Chemistry Centre Government Laborat

State Goverment, relocated, Industry Chemistry section, heritage, future redevelopment site

14 - Department of Agriculture & Food Me

Goverment site, relocated, research facility, crops, agriculture, pests, diseases, Postans, Medina

03 - Department of Foreign Affairs & Tra

Government site, relocated, proposed redevelopment site

01 - Western Australian Herbarium

Government department, biodiversity, plant and botany specimens, Kensington, relocated, now being refurbished

07 - Kwinana Radar Station

World War 2, bunkers, radar station, Japanese threat, graffiti & street art

02B - McCall Centre, Cottesloe

Cottesloe, long history, adoption, foster care, temporary care, troubled children

24 - Midland Railway Workshop

Old workshops, government attempts to restore, limited commercial value, low business popularity or pedestrian traffic

01 - National Archives Western Australia

East Victoria Park, storage facility, archives, records, Western Australia history, relocated to Northbridge, demolished, redevelopment site started

17 - Next Step Drug & Alcohol Service Mt

Addiction treatment, government funded, health service, medical

03 - Port Kennedy Beach Camp

Department of Children & Families, holiday care, break from parents, troubled children, activities, programs to build self esteem, camp grounds, dilapidated

07 - Portuguese Consulate

Fremantle, shared industrial site, very likely now demolished, proposed redevelopment site

02 - Princess Margaret Hospital Subiaco

Subiaco, children's hospital, decommissioned

11 - Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospita

Paraplegic and quadraplegic rehabilitation, heritage-listed, redevelopment site

02 - Swan Districts Hospital.jpg

Middle Swan, abandoned hospital, derelict, dilapidated, trashed, security, graffiti & street art

02 - WA Institute for Deaf Education Cot

Historic site, deaf & speed school, Cottesloe, proposed redevelopment site

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© The moral rights of the author has been asserted. Free the clicks!
© The moral rights of the author has been asserted. Free the clicks!