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McCall Centre Cottesloe

The Cable Station was built in 1926 to receive the submarine cable linking WA with London.

It later became the McCall Centre from 1973. (Some sources state that this location is in Cottesloe, whilst others in Mosman Park).

Ten children at a time, who were all diagnosed with significant emotional or behavioural issues, resided here to partake in a short-term residential program. This facility was also the administrative head of five metropolitan hostels. 

It is believed that the residential program closed in 2005.

The building was later occupied by the Foster Carers Association and the Department of Child Protection's fostering and adoption services until 2015 when they vacated the site.

In 2016, the State Government announced that the McCall Centre amongst some other nine government sites would be prepared for public sale. Eight years later (2024), absolutely NOTHING appears to have been done! I suppose one just has to take a look at the South Fremantle Power Station, Jewell House, Swan District Hospital and Stirling Towers to realise how useless our government is sometimes!!



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