07 - Balga Reburbish Ceased House

House, refurbishment started, possibly ceased

02 - Bayswater Antique House

Deceased estate, antiques, dark, rumours abound, possibly haunted, Health Order, inhabitable

08 - Beaconsfield Heritage House

Historic house, restoration


Beaconsfield Home Demolition

Impending demolition, redevelopment site

04 - Bell-Vista South Fremantle Cabin

Small house, industrial site

01 - Belmont Deceased Estate (First Visi

Deceased estate, abandoned possessions, proposed redevelopment site

Trashed house, future shopping centre site

Trashed house, forgotten with time, pathetic graff crap

01 - Como House Deceased Estate

Deceased estate, sold to property developers, proposed redevelopment site

01 - Como House South Terrace

Built in 1955, good condition, possible deceased estate and never abandoned


Como Manning Road Demolition

Impending demolition, redevelopment site


Como Robert Street House

Abandoned, possible restoration at one point, now home to a squatter

04 - Coogee Deceased Estate.jpg

Coogee Abandoned Estate

Council eviction, abandoned house, full of possessions, very little info exists

05 - Cowle Street Heritage House

Built in1884, Joseph Gallop, market gardener, heritage house

01 - Dane Street House, East Victoria Pa

Built in 1930, old corner store, boarded up, graffiti


East Perth Fire House

Long history of squatters, abandoned house, huge amount of discarded needles

01 - East Victoria Park House

Old house, duplex site, squatters home

02 - Henderson Cottage Ruins

Convict history, Fremantle, heritage listed, ruins

12 - Gosnells Deceased Estate

House, deceased estate, widower, trashed

01 - Green House North Fremantle

Vintage house, heritage listed, painted green, on-and-off proposed redevelopment site for years

04 - Greenmount Six - Great Eastern High

Compulsory land acquisition, Great Eastern Highway, road widening, demolished


Innaloo Houses

Council eviction, abandoned house, full of possessions, very little info exists

11 - Maddington Ruins

Vintage cottages, heritage listed, ruins

01 - Nedlands Asbestos House.JPG

Old house, furniture left behind, dilapidated, asbestos contamination

03 - Nedlands Slow-Reno House.JPG

Nedlands Demolition House

Old house, slow renovation project

03 - Nedlands Federation House on Broadw

Federation bungalow, Broadway, future apartment redevelopment

01 - Nedlands Florence Street House

Long time abandoned, interesting architecture, future shopping centre redevelopment

01 - Nedlands Mansion.JPG

Construction site, new mansion home


Nedlands Stanley Street House

Impending demolition, abandoned for a few years, shopping centre development application, SAT court


North Freo Heritage House

Heritage house, redevelopment around it

04 - Osborne Park Deceased Estate Demoli

Old house, deceased estate


Shenton Park Townhouses

Montario Quarter, housing estate

08 - South Perth Reno House.JPG

South Perth Reno House

Heritage house, renovation project


The Lakes Traveller's Rest

Heritage house, renovation project

01 - West Perth Cage House

Rezoned to R80, pending demolition, five-storey redevelopment