02 - Bayswater Antique House

Deceased estate, antiques, dark, rumours abound, possibly haunted, Health Order, inhabitable

08 - Beaconsfield Heritage House

Historic house, restoration

04 - Bell-Vista House Allstates Agricult

Small house, industrial site

01 - Belmont Deceased Estate (First Visi

Deceased estate, abandoned possessions, proposed redevelopment site

Trashed house, future shopping centre site

Trashed house, forgotten with time, pathetic graff crap

01 - Como House Deceased Estate

Deceased estate, sold to property developers, proposed redevelopment site

01 - Como House South Terrace

Built in 1955, good condition, possible deceased estate and never abandoned

05 - Cowle Street Heritage House

Built in1884, Joseph Gallop, market gardener, heritage house

01 - Dane Street House, East Victoria Pa

Built in 1930, old corner store, boarded up, graffiti

01 - East Victoria Park House

Old house, duplex site, squatters home

13 - Frederick Postan's Cottage.jpg

Convict father, Fremantle history, heritage listed, ruins

02 - Henderson Cottage Ruins

Convict history, Fremantle, heritage listed, ruins

12 - Gosnells Deceased Estate

House, deceased estate, widower, trashed

01 - Green House North Fremantle

Vintage house, heritage listed, painted green, on-and-off proposed redevelopment site for years

04 - Greenmount Six - Great Eastern High

Compulsory land acquisition, Great Eastern Highway, road widening, demolished

11 - Maddington Ruins

Vintage cottages, heritage listed, ruins

01 - Nedlands Asbestos House.JPG

Old house, furniture left behind, dilapidated, asbestos contamination

03 - Nedlands Federation House on Broadw

Federation bungalow, Broadway, future apartment redevelopment

01 - Nedlands Mansion.JPG

Construction site, new mansion home

03 - Nedlands Slow-Reno House.JPG

Nedlands House

Old house, slow renovation project

01 - West Perth Cage House

Rezoned to R80, pending demolition, five-storey redevelopment