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04 - Burswood Goodwood 102 Warehouse

Burswood Goodwood 102 Warehouse

Whilst the photos largely focus more on the corner warehouse (number 104-106) in a pictorial sense, both warehouses (102 & 104-106) tend to be connected in the way of expressions of interest and development applications.

Perth Mower Centre

Whilst they appeared to have once been a tenant in this warehouse, the only information that can be found on them is a brief listing for their business name, which is marked as having been registered on 08 August 1981 and cancelled on 15 September 2008.

Perth Dishwasher Centre

Like the Perth Mower Centre, which no-doubt was a joint business, the only information that can be found, is a business name registered on 22 May 1981 and cancelled on 11 June 1990.

Development Application

Plans submitted to the Town of Victoria Park to by Goodwood Sky Pty Ltd (registered on 01 April 2019) on 04 February and 15 July 2022 for an amendment the planning scheme to 'Restaurant/Cafe' and 'Brewery' were approved.

The property in question extends from 98-106 Goodwood Parade:

​98-100 Goodwood Parade - Both 615m² properties are vacant blocks

  • 1953 - Construction of the house located at no.100 occurred pre-1953

  • 1956 - Construction of a house at no.98 is complete

  • 1989-1995 - The house is demolished between this period of time

  • 1992 - 28 July: Sold for $83,000

  • 2005 - October: Sold for $500,000

  • 2010 - 29 October: Expressions of interest close for the purchase of 98, 100 & 102, which are being sold together

  • 2011 - 05 September: Sold for $2,251,000

  • 2014-2015 - November-March: The house at no.100 is demolished

  • 2021 - October: Sold for $7.48 million

102 Goodwood Parade - 615m² property

  • 1961 - Construction of a warehouse is complete

  • 2000 - 27 April: Leased by Labfit (registered on 01 July 2000)

  • 2005 - October: Sold for $650,000

  • 2011 - 05 September: Sold for $2,251,000

  • 2015 - 19 March: Labfit vacate the property

  • 2021 - October: Sold for $7.48 million

The Town of Victoria Park Council discussed the application and permitted the use of a Tavern on the said property, despite a Tavern initially being prohibited within the zone (p.7). The initial application requested the classification of a Brewery, although a Tavern brings more flexibility to a business' operation, particularly in relation to the liquor licence required.

Blasta Brewing Company, at the time, were operating from a property located at 84-88 Goodwood Parade. They had previously applied to the Victoria Park council for a change of use from 'Showroom' and 'Light Industry (Factory)' to 'Tavern' and 'Light Industry (Micro Brewery)' which had been approved and implemented. The Company wanted to continue leasing the property for an extended period of time, although this wasn't agreed upon by the lessor who granted a shorter extension, until the end of June 2023 (p.9)

The Proposal

No.98 - Patron car parking, accessible via Goodwood Parade

No.100 - Additional car parking, the proposed outdoor dining/area and a kids' play area

No 102 - Beer hall which includes the bar, cool room, brewery production area containing four beer tanks and seating for patrons.

No.104 - Northern & middle sections: The main bistro area with seating for patrons, amenities, the main restaurant area, kitchen, cool room, storeroom, freezer, bar and a second brewery production containing six beer tanks. Southern section: A cafe, takeaway window, staff room, additional storeroom and amenities.

It is expected that up to 2,000 barrels will be produced on a yearly basis.

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