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18 - Bickley Battery - Engineer's Stores

Bickley Battery - Engineer's Stores

The trades of Engineers in the Regimental Corps was quite extensive, as one could surely imagine. From a battery point of view such as Bickley, particular trades were more relevant than others including:

  • Bricklayers

  • Carpenters & Joiners

  • Electricians

  • Engineer Surveyors

  • Gas Fitters

  • Mechanical Services

  • Painters & Decorators

  • Plant Operators

  • Plumbers and

  • Well drillers

Like many units in the army (although I'm yet to fully understand the variety of segregations such as Battalions, Brigades, Divisions and Regimental Corps etc.), the roles of Clerks, Storemen and Drivers were just as important to ensure the continuity of the work.

Quarrymen were also part of the Royal Australian Engineers, particularly at Rottnest where they quarried stone for many retaining walls around the battery sites and Kingstown Barracks.

During times of conflict, they were primarily responsible for constructing roads, airfields, landing zones, water supplies, camps as well as providing service and maintenance. Demolitions were also part of their role, such as demolishing most of Phillip Rock, which obstructed the views of the nearby gunners.

Engineers Stores would house supplies of timber, galvanised iron, barbed-wire, pipes and other engineering material" as required.

02 - Bickley Battery - Aid Post Toilet

Bickley Barracks - Aid Post Toilet


05 - Bickley Battery - Army Art Workshops

Bickley Battery - Army Art Workshops


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