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08 - Oliver Hill Battery - No.2 Gun Artificers  Store

Oliver Hill Battery - Artificers Store

Located in close proximity to the H2 Gun, these rooms were used to store tools, spare parts, oils, paints and cleaning equipment, in order to maintain the guns on a regular basis to ensure it stayed in operational condition.

05 - Oliver Hill Battery - No.2 Gun Crew Shelter

Oliver Hill Battery - Crew Shelter

Accessible through the door and down the stairs, the small room at the bottom offers a rest area for the gun units.

04 - Oliver Hill Battery - No.2 Gun Shell Store

Oliver Hill Battery - Shell Store

A number of air vents, a few which have since been sealed, are for the Shell Store below. The H1 Gun Shell Store is referred to as a Magazine, like many of the batteries that form part of the Fremantle Fortress.

The Shells and Cordite had to be stored separately for safety, particularly the cordite which was sensitive and had strict handling policies as light and charge sources could cause sparks or flames.

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