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18 - Stark Bay Radar Station - Camp Bush

Stark Bay Radar Station - Camp Bush


04 - Stark Bay Radar Station - Shaft Hole

Stark Bay Radar Station - Old Well

On the ferry to Rotto, I had a chat with a young fella called Tony. He'd been a social worker until he retired and was now a Volunteer Guide on the Island. 

He mentioned three archaeologists working on the island, which was a surprise to me as I'd only learned about there being the one lady when I'd researched it in December. I'd attempted to contact her but as she was on holidays, I had a brief (fruitless) chat to another lady who was filling in.

Anyhoo, Tony then went on to tell me that the archaeologists had conducted a radioactivity research project whereby they were able to date a section of Rottnest as being an approximate 30,000 years old based on evidence of Aboriginal occupation.

Upon locating this big ass hole in the ground that afternoon, I immediately thought back to what Tony had said and wondered if the archaeologists excavated any areas that had returned positive or interesting radioactivity readings.

I was surprised the hole hadn't been cordoned off. I shuddered to think if anyone fell down there (alone), how little chance they had of getting out on their own. Even if the quokkas or King's Skinks fell in!


Plus mobile phones certainly weren't going to help, especially at that depth. Vodafone alone was pretty useless around most of the island as it was!

Many of the remaining dugouts/foxholes potentially posed the same risk, although I've always - so far - been able to know where to walk or where I shouldn't, based on the geology and sand composition of the area or in close proximity.


This big ass hole on the otherhand, was not a sport but was deadset a different ballgame!

I later confirmed that it was the remains of an abandoned well, one of many around the island which all took on a different appearance.

04 - Stark Bay Radar Station - King's Skink

Stark Bay Radar Station - King's Skink

Time is always an issue and with only some 8 to 8.5 hours to get as much as I can photographed and documented in each visit, I rarely bother to stop ... no matter how munted I am. Of course, then I always wonder why I'm so exhausted and by the time I'm ready to catch the ferry back to the mainland, I'm ready to die!


Today was one of the rare occasions I actually sat down under a big shady tree to have lunch of a small can of Redbull and a twin Mars Bar. I did have slices of pizza somewhere at the bottom of my bag but I didn't want to stuff around eating when I had so much to do. Plus, it was way too hot to be eating pizza.

Something made me turn around and right behind me was a King's Skink! This little bogan was the funniest of all creatures! I had no idea what he was up to and it definitely reminded me of my cats. If I made a movement that wasn't acceptable to him, he'd run back to the wheel of my bike.

Back and forth, back and forth.

I had no idea what his little game was. He looked like he was interested in my grey jumper that was on the ground next to me but maybe he wanted something else. No way could I give him my Mars Bar when it was my only energy source! (Not that I would have fed him anything!!)


I didn't even know what he packed in his mouth and whether or not he wanted to take a chunk out of me. Maaan it would've sucked if he bit me and ruined my day!

Normally I would've probably tried to pat him, especially as he wasn't a quokka, which are illegal to touch. This little dude reminded me of the Blue Tongue Lizard I once met at Point Peron, in which I had no idea if he was half in a hole or some selfish twat had taken a chunk out of his hind making him slowly die or what but I'd given him some fresh water and then patted him until he seemingly went to sleep.

I know the big ass lizards at my old Newman campsite when I was FIFO, would climb up to the highest point of someone's head and their big ass claws would make it very difficult to unclaw their grip wherever they were on you at the time of your defence. According to my boss.

I didn't really give myself time to become acquainted with this cute little bogan, as a seven minute break was way too long as it was and he buggered off to some bush or hole or wherever.

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