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31 - Stark Bay Radar Station - Showers & Latrines

Stark Bay Radar Station - SALS

Showers and Latrines

Me: PAPA! Help! I need you to come out of retirement.

Papa: Why?

Me: I don't know how to draw up plans.

Papa: I saw what you sent me but I don't know what it is.

Me: It's the showers and latrines at Rotto.

Papa: I don't know what the numbers are.

Me: It's where all the pipes are located. I wanted to try and see if I could create a 3D model of what it once looked like. I couldn't find plans for it.

Papa: Oh

Me: So?

Papa: What?

Me: Can you pleeease come out of retirement and help me draw a plan?

Papa: I'll think about it

Me: When?

Papa: When I come back from holidays!

Maaaan... if I measured out EVERY foundation there is on Rotto from World War 2, even just in this location... I'd be so broke from all the ferry trips and bike hires!! Thankfully, a FEW buildings have plans, although from memory, they were largely limited to the Kingstown Barracks and Oliver Hill Battery.

On the ferry back, I checked some of the measurements and to my surprise a few of them were actually pretty close to being right (i.e. width of one side and the total distances between pipes and to the sides of the foundations). Funny enough as I write this, I realised I didn't take into account the thickkness of the remaining pipes which could actually mean in some places, my measurements were damn close! DER!

But I've posted it here anyways because it'll prob take me forever before I get time to do somethign with it.

00 - Stark Bay Radar Station - Showers & Latrines
05 - Stark Bay Radar Station - Concrete Water Tank

Stark Bay Radar Station - Water Tank

A 10,000 gallon underground water tank, equivalent to 45,461 litres.


Just like almost every tank on the island, which remains bone dry and overgrown vegetation, it makes you wonder how much better Rottnest Island would be if the army was brought back and could take care of these important resources!

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