Old Treasury Building Perth

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Old Treasury Building, Perth. Built 1874. Abandoned, finally, in 1996. Perth's first ever Government office complex. Victorian Second Empire and Federation Free Classical style, designed by state government architects GT Poole and RR Jewell.


Over the last decade or so, the building has been left derelict. Amazing design, ground zero location.


When distances are measured from Perth to anywhere, this is the starting point they are measured from. Perth to Hong Kong - 6012 kms (the official Hong Kong marker being Larry Wong's Chinese Laundry and Dry Cleaning, on Wan Chai Road).  


At this time, it is looking likely that the old treasury building will be transformed into a new five star hotel. For now, it remains empty.


Enjoy the (extensive) set of photos of perhaps Perth's finest abandoned building - Ye Remarkable Old Abandoned Perth Treasury Building.


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