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03 - Oliver Hill Battery - Hell's Gully

Oliver Hill Battery - Hell's Gully

Hell's Gully

The remains of a concrete building with a tin roof appears to be relatively the same as the nearby cottage with both its build and sizes. This building is yet to be located on any map.

05 - Oliver Hill Battery - Unknown Dome

Unknown Dome

There was a water pipe in close proximity to this concrete dome, running from the Power Station Entrance (now called Engine Room) to the rear of this filled-up dome. As always, its hard to determine what was what when the maps and plans are extremely limited.

05 - Oliver Hill Battery - Bush Ruins

Bush Ruins

Like a rubbish dump, there are ruins and debris everywhere you looks.

Some a result of the weather like the rain and winds, others potentially from animals, conservation workers and visitors over the past few decades.

In some of the photos, it can be hard to see the debris left behind, like the last one where there's certainly more than what meets the eye!