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05 - Burswood Hawthorne Green

Burswood Hawthorne Green

In 2013, a development application was lodged for Hawthorne Green Apartments, located on Hawthorne Place in Burswood. Nothing can be found on this old proposal (DP/13/00398) but the latest application was approved on October 14, 2022 at a cost of $40 million. This would see a mixed-use development being built, comprising of 119 multiple dwellings and offices in a 20-storey complex.


The SKS Group have listed Hawthorne Green on their website as a 19-level mixed use development with 107 apartments, 12 town houses and 187sqm reserved for commercial space at a cost of $120 million.


Regardless, the construction approach is interesting, particularly due to the poor soil condition of the area. No doubt, due to the close proximity of the river and the tendency for these low-lying areas to easily become waterlogged, particularly during the rainy seasons. Pritchard Francis have "developed a lightweight steel frame solution with concrete precast planks to reduce the weight of the building to approximately 70% when compared to a traditional full concrete design," which will also result in a much faster and cheaper building development.


Like many pending construction sites, it's just a matter of wait and see for building to start. Some, like Hawthorne Green, appear quite optimistic about finally going ahead and starting soon, whilst many will fleetingly appear ready before returning to a stalled position for a variety of reasons.

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