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23 - Fremantle Amherst Block

Fremantle Amherst Block

The warehouse that was once located at 30-32 Amherst Street in Fremantle was owned by Antonio & Basilio Paino. The City of Fremantle’s Knutsford Street East Local Structure Plan, dated 25 April 2006, lists the current site use as being that of furniture manufacturing, automotive repair and truck/machine storage, although part of the site or warehouse at the time was leased to a third party.

Neither properties appear to have ever been listed on any property listing websites and both were demolished at the same time in mid-2014.

The business name for Antonio & Basilio Paino was first registered on 08 July 1982 as Paino Bros and cancelled on 14 August 2006.

Urban Archaeology are listed on many junk index websites as still residing at 30 Amherst Street today. ASIC online holds three cancelled registrations for that business name, with an original registration date being that of 07 May 2002.

The Australian Business Register lists the company name as registered in Queensland with an entity name of The Trustee for Enright Health Trust. Trading names include Urban Archaeology and Jeweller to the Lost, which either sounds like a magic-potion type health cure cult, an Indiana Jones jewellery type retailer or finding something lost in the new. Interestingly, their first date for a business/company registration is 07 May 2003, a year after the WA registration so it could be assumed that it is the same business.

The ACT business name has since been cancelled, as well as five other Urban Archaeology registrations and a further current name is registered as The Urban Archaeologist.

Aside from an array of journal articles by the university educated, the first Google listing for Urban Archaeology is for a website based in Canberra with a second name of Canberra Antiques Centre.

A search of The Urban Archaeologist is limited to journal articles and books with nothing else.

Jeweller to the Lost appears to have hit the target with a Brisbane-based website of a nice-looking couple, both in the “successful partnership” of a design and jewerelly business.

A further interesting find is that the name associated with the Western Australia business is neither that of the QLD couple’s but that could be a reason of many. Furthermore, a junk listing website states the Fremantle address’ industry as ‘Salvage Yards, Demolition Yards &/or Second Hand Building Materials,’ something certainly more credible and typical for the area the warehouse was located in, rather than artistic designs and jewellery so… enough said.

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