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How to Beat Your Biggest Critic and Succeed!

Everyone's a critic waste their energy cutting you down instead of improving their own lives ignore other people's opinion and live your life the way you want to achieve your dreams of success
Everyone's happy to be a critic instead of focusing on their own lives

Apparently your biggest critic is yourself but there sure are a lot of people who are happy to waste their energy cutting you down instead of improving their own lives.

The viewpoint of blog writer Hayley Rose Horzepa is quite refreshing and I realise that I'm not alone. From her own experiences, “other people’s opinion of me and what they thought I should be doing were so embedded into my mind that their expectations became stronger than my own wants and needs” (Are you your own worst critic? 2011).

I know I can succeed in my dream job. I can taste it, dream it everyday, see it, feel it... someone has to succeed so why can’t it be me?

We have more opportunities than ever before, it’s absolutely incredible. Think back to the 1950’s and think about the opportunities they didn’t have, compared to what we have today. More and more people are becoming millionaires! The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom believes there are 100 new millionaires every day and that’s just in Britain!

There are so many new opportunities every day, every week, every year.

Millionaire Tai Lopez said one key to becoming a millionaire is to read one book every day, which is what I try to do. I also take notes, transfer them to my Project File, study them and implement the tips I learn on a weekly basis.

I wrote my first book at the age of 17 called Streetkid In The City. It wasn’t a blooming success but I sold 1500 copies. My second book titled Deep Into Dark surpassed the self-publishing average of 150 with 350 copies sold around Australia with a half-assed marketing effort from myself but I intend to oneday take it seriously. I have been called a gifted writer and although I am not one to usually welcome such honourable compliments, perhaps I need to accept it, believe it and become it.

I have a strong belief in the Law of Attraction. I won lotto seven times in 8 weeks and 17 times out of 18 scratchies but someone told that I was fixated on the small amounts. So I never won anything bigger than $48. For the past three months, I have won lotto consistently every second time, although again with amounts no higher than $48.

I know I need to focus on using the law of attraction for my internet, business and marketing in order to assist me in becoming a success and I am open to these belief systems.

Living your dream until you succeed chasing your goals for a better future so many opportunities millionaires positive energy just believe
Chase your dreams until you succeed, or be forever content with a dull life

I believe the key to success definitely begins with education, as reinforced by Tai Lopez. Although I have not reached the level of success I crave, I've been referred to as a very successful person: I have gotten myself off the streets, I now have a career in the criminal justice system, I have written 15 books and published two, I placed 2nd Australia and 8th World in the BMX Championships and I have five businesses and a company that are beginning to grow big time!

And my tips for success so far?

1. Learn every skill one at a time and master it, whether it be Twitter, copy-writing or writing an ebook. There is no use reading a book if you don’t implement the tips, strategies or experiences of the author.

2. Don’t listen to your biggest critic but use their negative energy to fuel your determination to succeed. This gives you the power and drive you need!

3. Open your mind to the universe, whether it be the Law of Attraction, a Tony Robbins audio session or the insanely disturbing but possible book titled How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast! By Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vitale.

4. Learn from your mistakes and tweak everything you can until it succeeds, whether it’s your latest Facebook ad campaign, list building email blast or your levels of blog traffic.

5. Plan, plan, plan! When you jump into a car, you know where you're going but most people live everyday without a plan or a roadmap. Why? I once read an ebook that stated only 3% of the population set goals. Structure your day, know where you're headed and what you have to do to achieve your goals. Break them down into implement-able actions, step by step and don’t reach your deathbed with regrets.

Live the life you want and don’t let anyone drag you down.

You CAN be the person you want to be if you give yourself PERMISSION to succeed!

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