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12 - Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR) Pump House

Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR) Pump House

Located in the Point Roe area, the limestone rock formation in the Swan River from the former Colonial Sugar Refinery (CSR) looks more like an enclosed river pool and perhaps it should be turned into one.


Behind the ring of limestone rock, a rectangular-shaped wall of concrete can be seen, since filled with sand, bush vegetation and rubble. A pumping house built from corrugated iron was located here, with connecting pipes pumping water up to the CSR factory buildings above.


A wall of limestone, occasionally graffitied, was built into the site of the sandy cliffs to help stabilise the surrounding area from further erosion and risk of collapse. 


Waste water came down a pipe located approximately 106 metres south along the foreshore.


The CSR industrial site was built over two years from 1928 and demolition began shortly after its closure in September 1997. This included the pump house and very little remains of the site, aside from this pump house area and a section of the weighbridge being built into Colonial Gardens, the main road cutting through the housing estate.

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