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03 - Bickley Battery - CD Bop & CASL Directing Station

Rottnest Island Army Timeline

19 February 1942 – The Rottnest Lighthouse will be required to remain, as it’s not known when shipping will continue and it is most essential that ships are kept moving. Despite this, it was also put forward that the lighthouse serves as a navigational beacon to help identify the location of the port to potential enemy submarines. The Navy Board is to be consulted on this issue (NAA: A1196, 12/501/94).


26 February 1942 – 3” mobile AA guns move to Rottnest (AWM2019.366.2873).


18 March 1942 – Direct telephone lines are to be immediately installed, connecting Rottnest to the Extended Defence Office (XDO) and from Area Combined Headquarters (ACH) to Combined Defence Headquarters (CDH) (NAA: A1196, 12/501/94).


17 October 1942 – 100% of civilian mail being posted from Rottnest Island will be subject to a censorship test (AWM2019.366.2949).


02 November 1942 – Operation Order No.18 orders that Oliver Hill and Bickley Batteries is to be manned as counter-bombardment batteries from dawn to sunset and as close defence batteries from sunset to sunrise (AWM2019.366.2949).

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