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Drowning In Lost Thought

January 17, 2011


The heaviness sets in, a sort of noddy feeling. Vibrations of the latest dance music belt out of my cracked iPhone, my only inspiration for life at this point of time. I take another swig from the bottle, medicine for coping. My head spins in no set direction. I lie back down, watching an empty azure sky filled with nothing but peace. No clouds, no birds, no visible time.


I feel the commuters march by like ants, always in a hurry. I hold my breath, wondering if I have the courage to hold it until I pass out. A sneeze crosses my mind and I surrender.


Short Stack start playing their music. Successful teeny boppers I can only envy. I believe in dragons and witches and turning back time. How I wish I could get myself out of this mess.


I reach for my sixth Bacardi Breezer in 40 minutes. It helps with the peaceful strategies of survival, popping out from within, like listening to the music from a bowl of Rice Bubbles.


I imagine waking up in bed. Again. I know I might have a house next week but just to feel those clean linen sheets against my freshly washed skin seems like a peaceful paradise. My piece of heaven. I long to reach out. Just over a month before both Uni starts. Time is running out.

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