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First World Dilemmas - Now on YouTube

May 5, 2018

It's been almost ten months since I wrote First World Dilemmas and I've had so much positive feedback, even from my ex-boss who never really seemed to like anything too creative.


When I read the rhyme to people, I usually only ever read six lines:


Meanwhile in Syria, the world is at war

It's not an issue we bother to explore

Thanks to ISIS, millions are dead

Or maybe the western world are responsible instead!

So here I'm focused on these First World Dilemmas

Which pales in extent to these life-changing tremours


When I wrote The Lawyer Rhyme in April 2017, which was my first rhyme, it made a lot of people laugh. Prosecutors, magistrates, lawyers, court users . . . a lot of people laughed and gave me amazing feedback.


One of my favourite lawyers Malcolm (who I love for his sincere passion and fire in his belly which is very rare to see these days!) said he was rapping to it with his wife in the kitchen and he loved it. (Everytime I talk to him, this passion and his awesome personality really makes me want to be a better person and try harder!)


Our receptionist at the time was a lovely lady called June (unfortunately now retired!) who told me to send it to her son. He turned out to be one of the biggest hip hop legends in Western Australia. For some reason, I thought she was referring to Mathas (who I've always been a fan of and is also a big hip hop legend like June's son!) and I had the wrong person but upon reading The Lawyer Rhyme on Messenger, Mathas stated:



Having his feedback was the most amazing feeling ever and it's definitely something I'll keep forever. I've never had feedback from someone at such a high level at the top of their field! (Well, apart from some Magistrates I know who have the biggest heart and love looking at my Phoptoshop pranks, rhymes and books!)


I totally get that I rhyme too much but I really have no idea how else to write these words and maybe doing something you're not supposed to, is a good thing after all?


So I procrastinated about contacting June's son, especially as my confidence was at an all-time low. Soon after, I wrote First World Dilemmas as a way of coping with the world and June said she really loved it and took a copy for her son who told me "he liked it". She then gave me his phone number but for some 10 months, the phone number sits on my desk because stepping outside of my comfort zone is bloody hard, borderline impossible these days.


Three people last week including a client at my workplace told me to make a video of First World Dilemmas for my YouTube channel. I'd told the client that I bought a condenser microphone (with a pop filter and everything!) some time ago but my voice never sounded good. Apparently everyone says that but I'm legit! And I'm forever scarred from my experience in a 2003 in-studio interview with Eoin Cameron where my voice was really, really bad <partially because I should have accepted the glass of water offered to me before the start of the interview!)


Plus I wasn't born to rap. Just born to write.


So I made a video with words like I was told to by the client. It's a start of the art that comes from my heart.








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