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Nedlands Aged Care Apartments

Timeline of Incidents


28 May - At approximately 8.50pm, security received a call from a resident, alleging a male had broken into her unit. He had run out after throwing a purse at her. Security rushed over but couldn't find the thief. They saw the purse that had been thrown at her but there was nothing in it and according to the resident, nothing was missing.


29 January - Security noticed two young looking boys walking in front of Wyvern along Karella Street, at approximately 1.48am. They were carrying a fire extinguisher. Wilson Security and police attended the location. At 2.30am, the security officer saw a white car with passengers departing Karella Street and upon believing it to be the culprits, took down their registration number (a 2007 Subaru Impreza).

18 April - At approximately 4.30pm, security received a call from a resident who'd seen three youths entering through the fence into Crossleigh. The security officer rushed over and found a bicycle by the fence, which according to the resident, was owned by one of the intruders. Security called out to the intruders but there was no response. Police were contacted at 4.37pm and after waiting for more than thirty minutes, the officer took the bicycle into custody before returning to his normal duties. He called police at 8pm requesting them to pick up the bicycle but they informed him he would need to drop it off at the station himself.


15 October - Security found a damaged blue scooter parked near the Wyvern building at 3.30am. A resident reported her scooter stolen at 7.45am and upon being taken over to the scooter, she informed the security officer her scooter was red. Security passed on her phone number to local police. At 8.05am, the resident rang security to inform them that it was her scooter.


10 June - Whilst doing an external patrol at approximately 3.15am, a security officer heard noises near the day therapy room on Monash Street. He shone his torch around but was unable to see anyone. At 7.30am, the security officer received a phone call from the nursing staff to say a large crowbar was found hanging on the mesh near the day therapy. Someone had also tried to enter the gate of the nursing home as a wrong code had been used, which resulted in the gate shutting down. The security officer stated he believed he may have disturbed the intruder, who was going to break into the chemist.

15 June - Two fires were lit at 7.30am. The fire brigade attended but police were not called at the time, despite the incidents being regarded as suspicious. No damage was caused as a result. Police attended at 6pm to collect forensic evidence from the scene.


27 April 2001 - Ms S answered her Centennial Close unit door and allowed a female into her unit. The female requested the use of her toilet and stated she'd been to her grandmother's in the village. Mrs S granted her permission and also gave her a glass of water. The female stated that Mrs S had a nice home and was suspiciously looking around the unit. She then left quickly.

13 May 2001 - A complainant reported $150 in cash and credit cards were stolen from the Warrina staffroom, along with a blue cash box containing $250 from a cake stall. Both items had been locked inside a cupboard in the staffroom, with the key kept in a tray on a shelf above it.


​19 January 2000 - A suspected male prowler was seen approaching the rear door of the Weston Hostel. When he noticed a resident watching him, he immediately turned back and departed.

22 January 2000 - A male and female were looking for accommodation or money to return to Esperance after the on-site Salvation Army officer was unable to assist. The two people became abusive but left when security were called.

24 January 2000 - Graffiti was reported at the entrance of Withnell Drive & Warrina.

05 February 2000 - Approximately six juvenile offenders were seen damaging the sign outside the Village Bowling Club. One female juvenile was apprehended but escaped when the others returned.

08 March 2000 - A young female was found lying on the verge outside the Weston carpark. Security observed her to be the victim of substance abuse. The female stated she was an absconder from Graylands. Police attended and they requested the attendance of an ambulance.

25 April 2000 - Four youths damaged the aged sign outside the Warrina Hostel.

​07 May 2000 - A threat was left on the answering machine of the Wyvern Hostess Office. The call was traced and it appeared that it had been made by a child.

15 May 2000 - The Salvation Army officer, upon commencing duty in Crossleigh, noticed the flag in the chapel had been damaged by vandals and the wall clock near the kitchen was missing.

05 July 2000 - The relative of a resident left her handbag in front of the reception desk whilst she attended the ground floor nurses station to complete a Quality Improvement Log. When she returned to her bag, it had been disturbed. On inspection of her purse, she noticed $60 was missing.

16 August 2000 - Two youths aged approximately 18-19, were seen in the Village Road carport. One was standing on the bonnet of a Ford sedan, attempting to gain entry into a cupboard belonging to the owner of the car. When they were challenged by another resident, they took off on foot. No damage was reported to the vehicle, nor a loss of property.

17 August 2000 - A resident heard noise in the carport and then saw an intruder walking between the cottages, heading towards the pool. Security were notified and conducted a search of the grounds but were unable to locate the intruder. Upon checking the vehicles in the carports, three were found to be damaged.

17 December 2000 - Mrs T, who resided in a Centennial Close unit, reported to security that she'd been broken into. The security screen on the front door had been forced open and her unit ransacked. She had removed both her hearing aids to watch TV with a headset on. She looked up to see a man aged between 19-20 coming out of her bedroom, yelling "MONEY MONEY" before running out the front door. Mrs T ran after the offender through the carports of Withnell Place and Smyth Road. An 18 carat cluster diamond worth $4,250, an 18 carat diamond dress ring worth $1400 and a bag containing $500 cash in $20 notes had been stolen. Police were unable to attend until the next day due to all police attending the Bold Park fire.

30 December 2000 - Security attended a Centennial Close unit. Mrs L had been in bed when she went to the kitchen at 10pm and saw the kitchen flyscreen was damaged with the window open. She then noticed the drawer of her desk missing. It was later located with some of the items it contained, on the lawn behind her unit. Approximately $25-30 cash was stolen, as well as her Aherns and Myers credit cards, ANZ cheque book with 10 blank cheques and an expired driver's licence.


17 March 1999 - $250 is missing from a Crossleigh unit. Mrs D left the money in a drawer, which was in her usual place. She went out at 9.30am and when she returned home three hours later, the money had gone. Mrs D conducted a thorough search of her apartment and did not find the cash. Despite leaving her balcony door open, the safety screen was locked.

19 March 1999 - Mrs S reported that an unknown person had entered her Crossleigh room and stole an unknown amount of money in a hand bag that she kept in the bottom of her wardrobe. Despite searching the entire apartment, there was no sign of the handbag or money, let alone forced entry. Mrs S insisted she'd locked the door before she went out and upon her return, it was still locked.

03 April 1999 - Three suspicious youths were seen in the Wyvern carpark. Security sighted two of the youths and upon attempting to intercept them, lost them (most likely as a result of them running off).

09 April 1999 - Security were notified of a red Ford Telstar running in the Crossleigh carport and when they went to check it out, found the car to have been stolen. The white Telstar that had been parked next to it was then stolen. It was found some time later.

12 April 1999 - A drug addict's fit pack was found in the vicinity of the units.

24 May 1999 - Boards were partially removed from the fence in the Warrina garden area. The probable cause was believed to have been a resident attempting to escape.

18 June 1999 - The lock from the front gate outside one of the Crossleigh units was missing and despite a subsequent search of the grounds, was never found.

17 July 1999 - A number of signs outside the Weston Hostel had been extensively graffitied overnight, as well as the brick wall surrounding the gas meter.

21 July 1999 - A cash box containing $500 is missing from the top shelf of a wardrobe in a Weston unit. It was last seen eight hours earlier and a search (of the unit?) failed to locate the cash box.

03 September 1999 - Whilst there are a large number of incident reports for elderly residents acquiring injuries as a result of falls and trips, this report made me smile and I had to include it here. Mrs M had fallen and staff assisted her to get up. When a responding security officer told her the Eagles had won, she said she felt much better.

17 October 1999 - A shade roof from the end of the bowling green at the Village Bowling Club was reported stolen.

28 November 1999 - Graffiti was reported on the sign and front of Wyvern.

21 December 1999 - Resident Mr R was admitted to hospital, leaving his wallet containing $200 on his bed. A friend had put the wallet in the bedside drawer and informed the Weston Supervisor of this, in hearing range of a number of staff members. The wallet was reported stolen on 29 December and this was told to the Weston Supervisor, again in front of a number of staff members. Mr R passed away on 31 December. It appears that his partner didn't reside in the same room. She was given access to his room to acquire clothing for him (funeral), when she found the missing wallet on the draining board minus the money.

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