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Comnee Apartments

Built in 1963, the Comnee Apartments were located on Broadway in Crawley. The three-storey complex contained 18-units and was demolished early December 2022. Edge Visionary Living will be project managing the new development on the site containing 21 apartments in a nine-storey building (interestingly, that's only three more units!).


​A viewing platform application was lodged with the City of Perth on 5th December in association with the sale of residential apartments at the site, which appears to still be pending approval.


​All but one apartment were sold on 27 April 2022 with the average price being $520,000, one selling for $1 million (2 bedroom) and the lowest price being $450,000 (1 bedroom apartments, although two were located on the second floor). One of the nicest apartments with the best views of JH Abrahams Reserve and a bit of the river, also two bedrooms, was only purchased for $620,000.


DAP/22/02297: Proposed demolition of an existing three-level residential apartment building and construction of a nine-level residential development comprising of 21 dwellings and 46 car bays. Approved on 21/11/2022. $20 million.

(Photos taken November 2022)

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