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Kings Perth Hotel

Personal Experiences

In 2003, I had a trial experience as a waitress in the lower floor bar of the Kings Hotel. I really didn’t like it and didn’t take up the job. I met Mirjam on my first night and she was a lovely elderly lady, although she had a sense of hardness about her. I was quickly given the impression that if you double-crossed her, she’d resembled a mobster. I imagined no one would dare to push her around and I quickly respected her for that. Perhaps it was a tough-business mentality trait.


It didn’t take long to get the impression that the older son was lazy, his mother’s pet and was expecting to inherit the hotel. He sat around drinking with the patrons all night, whilst his younger brother worked without barely taking a break and did everything he could to please his mother. I felt that she didn’t bother to acknowledge this, let alone his presence. Perhaps I was also informed of this by one of the other staff members, I can’t recall.

10 - January 2022

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