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08 - Chapelly Autos Bassendean

Chapelly Autos Bassendean

The site of Chapelly Auto in around 1930, was originally that of a service station, incorporating motor vehicle sales between 1930-1960.

In 1971, it became a 'C' class hospital with 39 hospital beds. Perhaps it could be assumed that all three lots originally incorporated the service station and motor vehicle sales but part of the site that is now the location for a current nursing home next door, became the hospital that's forementioned.


It was sold for $2,200,000 in September 2014.

In the 17 May 2018 meeting, the Metro Central JDAP approved an application (DAP/18/01379) for a mixed use development comprising of a nursing home, shops and 18 multiple dwellings. It differs from the existing application (20/01833) in the way that the 18 multiple dwellings have been removed from the current development which reduces the hight of the building from five storeys to four. It was said that the amendment of the current proposal was due to a response in current market conditions.

DAP/20/01833 - "Aged Care & Commercial" land use, amalgating three lots into the one property - Lot 54 Hamilton Street & Lots 84 and 85 Old Perth Road, Bassendean. This proposal includes a four-storey mixed use development comprising of three commercial tenancies on the lower ground level, 39 aged care beds on the upper ground floor connecting to the existing aged care facility, 27 aged care beds, lounge, kitchen, amenity, staff and reception areas on the first floor, 37 aged care beds on the second floor and 33 aged care beds, lounge, therapy, dining and servery areas on the third floor. A total of 136 beds in addition to a total of 260m² commercial space is provided.

The existing nursing home is intended to be retained, modified, extended and incorporated into the proposed development.

27 - Chappelly Autos Bassendean


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