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History of the Building

The Breckler family had the building constructed between 1908 to 1912. They already owned a number of buildings around the city and would soon lease parts out to a tobacconist, newsagency, café and the Danker’s Swan Drug Company (later becoming known as the Freeman Chemists).


In the later years beginning in 1983, Lewis Clark opened two businesses at the premises, called Western Wear and LJ Ranch. Popularity of his wares over the years led him to combining the two businesses into one, which saw The Stockade Store appearing on the building.


James Gardner bought the two businesses from Mr Clark in October 2006, growing the store over the 240 metre floor space. (I was so sure the building had been closed since 2003 but this shows that I’m wrong.)


A popular tattoo shop was also located in the building and may have been the last to move out.

The Stockade & Top Hatters

There are a number of business registrations for The Stockade. One listing for Perth states that it was first registered on 11 March 1987 and cancelled on 11 September 2016.


Top Hatters is listed as being first registered as a business name on 16 October 1989 and cancelled on 05 July 2018.


Both are owned by James Gardner. In a Souvenir Edition Magazine titled “The Stockade Aussie Legends”, James signs off his intro as the owner of The Stockade Store, although I hadn’t found any business registration name for that, which he continues to use throughout the magazine.


I was so sure I’d heard customer stories and experiences of those who’d previously worked there, state that the shop had been trading as far back as the 1960s.

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The Current Owners

Cousins George and Evan Kakulas, third generation owners of Kakulas Bros, are believed to be the owners. In the past, they’d contracted Palassis Architects to redesign the building. I remember seeing an article in The West Australian for their grand redevelopment plan but am yet to relocate the article or any other mention.



The City of Perth don’t list The Stockade in their Heritage List, which certainly seems a bit strange.


Two listings for The Stockade’s building appear on inherit. One is Municipal Inventory, completed draft on 134 March 2001 and a category 3. The second is the Perth Draft Inventory 99-01 and a status of yes (yes what?!?) on 31 December 1999.


Sweet fk all information follows. Um yeah… we sure care about our history! I’m not even going to bother looking into seeing if any heritage-listing follow up, let alone maintenance has been done because I’m probably just going to waste my time as always!

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