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27 - Yokine Hardware Store

Yokine Hardware Store

It is not the intention of this post to prolong the sadness or suffering of anyone with a connection or affected by the Yokine Hardware Store.


Instead, the aim of this post is to remind you that fire can affect anyone, at any time. It is a traumatic life-long experience for many. Everything that ever meant anything to you… or even perhaps a life of work… can be completely destroyed in minutes!


Worst still… arson can exacerbate the pain. The injustice of it all is at times, impossible to comprehend.


On Tuesday 28 December 2021, a fire ravaged the beloved local community hardware store, leaving an estimated damage bill of $1 million. What a way to start the New Year!


Yokine Hardware was established in 1952 and the current owners at the time of the fire had owned it since 1991. A suspected arson attack destroyed it all.


The elderly couple, who owned and ran the shop with their family members, have been described in multiple sources of being well-loved and highly respected by their local community. Fond memories, heart-warming stories… it can be what keeps a person going.

Against corporate hardware companies like Bunnings and Sydney Tools, it seems like very few little or independent hardware stores can compete against them. Aggravated with industry downturns, lay-offs and slow or stalled builds, it spells trouble for the small guys.


Businesses like Yokine Hardware manage to continue and at times, quite strongly because of the treasured relationship they hold with customers, which often can’t be found with the big chains. It’s what keeps a customer coming back.


Things like:

  • helping a customer tie down their trailer load with the rope they just bought

  • showing them how to use the tools and get the job done,

  • hosting How To classes… and so much more


There are even stories where workers have gone over to a customer’s house to help them, without accepting payment or even a carton!


Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any updates since the fire destroyed the store, particularly in relation to any charges being laid which appears doubtful.


I really hope the lovely owners were and are, able to instead enjoy their life and chase all the dreams they never had time for before.


The store was demolished in February 2024.

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