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Cottesloe Wearne Hostel - Stage 1

Development Approval

Construction of Curtin Heritage Care's five-storey Cottesloe Wearne Hostel was approved on 3 September 2019 at a cost of $94 million. The aged care facility will provide 77 units and 129 rooms as well as an array of services including a cinema, cafe and artist's studio, which will be leased from the council an agreement of 25 years.

Builder Appointed

Built Construction is appointed the builder for the new development project, with The West Australian stating the total cost of the project is $130 million. It's set to contain 128 suites and a further 20 residences in a separate retirement building called Waterfront Cottesloe, although most of this building will be completed during the Stage 2 phase. Construction is expected to begin in April 2020.

Construction Begins

Construction of Cottesloe Wearne Hostel (Stage 1) began on 2 July 2020, with the turning of the soil ceremony. The "highly anticipated Marine Views residential care and Waterfront retirement living development" is expected to be completed towards the end of 2021. Care service provider Curtin Heritage Living and Built Construction where joined by stakeholders and invited guests (The West Australian Liftout, 24 July,p15).

The world class accommodation for independent seniors will enable them to access a range of lifestyle and health services including an onsite medical centre, beachside restaurant, art gallery, rooftop lounge and pool, concierge, pet care, a housekeeper, social programs and 24-hour personal care.

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