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03 - Akeringa Karawara Waterford Units

Akeringa Karawara Waterford Units

Eerie and silent, occasional breeze flapping and tapping. Darkness all around, like a devil in the night. Hiding in corners, illuminations of reflection, torch guiding my steps. Structures quite sound, still... slow as I go. Breathing in the fibres of my mask. Emotions and feelings filled with fear, as my imagination compensates for my thankful lack of presence on the night.

A 50 year old man was charged after lighting a fire in the Karawara apartment block on Monday 30 December 2019. The blaze was said to have been started on the balcony and quickly engulfed the entire top floor, causing extensive damage to an apartment unit. Firefighters were able to contain the fire within 20 minutes and there were no reports of any injuries. Those residents who were at home, managed to escape their units with one in particular, being assisted by tradesman who were driving past when the incident took place.

No information can be found on the accused, nor what resulted from court. It appears that all residents were made to permanently vacate the apartment block, which was demolished towards the end of 2020.


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