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52 - Brisbane Duplex Perth

Brisbane Duplex Perth

No longer abandoned!!

There is absolutely no information on this location, which is nothing short of frustration as well as sad. Any history may be well lost in time, depending on how much the bereaved family remembers and can oneday share.


The first building is a twin, two-storey duplex. Moving over to the right, is a big patch of grass, bushes and a few trees that appears to have once been a well-cared for fruit & vegetable garden. The last building on the right of these connected properties is a two-storey workshop and store filled with vintage materials and resources on the top floor and a traditional Greek shop at the bottom, offering repair services.

There were three letter envelopes found in the duplex, addressed to three different family members. The female member died in 1981 aged 78 and the male died in 2002 aged 66. There is no record of the third person being deceased and perhaps he is the son.

There are signs of squatters, although it's difficult to tell how recently they were living here.

DAP/22/02170: Proposed 10 grouped dwellings. Approved on 28/09/2022. $5.5 million

01 - October 2020

02 - February 2021

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