Urbex Perth

Urban Exploration: Beauty in Decay

Akeringa Fire Units


Apartment block, fire, Karawara

Alexandra Men's Hostel

(original photos by Ewen)

City hostel, bail hostel, men, homeless, parolees

Shops and offices, demolished, new Woolworths redevelopment site, East Victoria Park

Marine food source, warehouse distribution

Australian Army, transport division, depot, driver training facility, future housing estate

Yanchep, marine theme park, dolphins

Warehouses, graffiti and street art

Historic house, restoration

Beaconsfield TAFE

(original photos by Millsy)

TAFE, educational institution, proposed redevelopment site

Small house, industrial site

Deceased estate, abandoned possessions, proposed redevelopment site

Warehouse, shopfront, graffiti and street art

Deceased estate, Northbridge

Castle Fun Park


Theme park, replica castles, demolished, current housing estate redevelopment

Italian restaurant, West Perth, burnt

Industrial site, clay and bricks, brickworks, heritage listed

Cockburn Caravans


Caravan shop, demolished

Forgotten site, sheds, abandoned car & possessions

Como House

Deceased estate, sold to property developers, proposed redevelopment site

Como Units

(photos coming soon)

Old unit block, sold to property developers, proposed redevelopment site

Historic site, deaf & speed school, Cottesloe, proposed redevelopment site

Goverment site, relocated, research facility, crops, agriculture, pests, diseases, Postans, Medina

Government site, relocated, proposed redevelopment site

Convict father, Fremantle history, heritage listed, ruins

Convict history, Fremantle, heritage listed, ruins

Golf course, lack of funds, closed down

Vintage house, heritage listed, painted green, on-and-off proposed redevelopment site for years

Old horse stables & riding school, lack of funds and interest, abandoned, graffiti & street art, Wellard

Greenmount Six


Compulsory land acquisition, Great Eastern Highway, road widening, demolished

East Perth, abandoned office, homeless, squat, drug dealing, drug roads, now inaccessible



Government department, biodiversity, plant and botany specimens, Kensington, relocated, now being refurbished

Abandoned for years, dilapidated, burnt, Fremantle, relocated, auctioned off but failed to meet the minimum price

Homeswest apartment block, slum, Fremantle, drug dealing, anti-social hot spot, now demolished

Hotel Milligan

(original photos by Ewen)

City hostel, bail hostel, homeless, parolees, meth lab, Meth Milligan

Old shipping jetty, dilapidated, fishing hot spot, two climbing towers

World War 2, bunkers, radar station, Japanese threat, graffiti & street art

Lone Star Rib House

(photos coming soon)

Joondalup, franchise, popular, salon restaurant, closed down

Vintage cottages, heritage listed, ruins

Old warehouses, forgotten possessions left behind, vintage relics, salvagers frequent

Cottesloe, long history, adoption, foster care, temporary care, troubled children

Old workshops, government attempts to restore, limited commercial value, low business popularity or pedestrian traffic

Abandoned for years, old taxi business and rank, Mount Hawthorn, sold in July 2020 to developers, proposed redevelopment site

East Victoria Park, storage facility, archives, records, Western Australia history, relocated to Northbridge, demolished, redevelopment site started

Nedlands Asbestos House
(photos coming soon)

Old house, furniture left behind, dilapidated, asbestos contamination

Nedlands House

(photos coming soon)

Old house, locked up and abandoned, some possessions left behind, green pool, no history known

Nedlands Mansion

(photos coming soon)

Construction site, new mansion home

Nedlands REGIS Apartments

(photos coming soon)

Abandoned since 2010, full of possessions, becoming more trashed, graffiti and street art, retirement village

Nedlands Slow-Reno House

(demolished - photos coming soon)

Old house, slow renovation project

Neptune Pools Warehouse


Belmont, pool shop & warehouse, closed down, dilapidated, burnt, graffiti & street art

Oldbury, suspected deceased estate, furniture left behind, dilapidated, very weathered, graffiti & street art

Department of Children & Families, holiday care, break from parents, troubled children, activities, programs to build self esteem, camp grounds, dilapidated

Fremantle, shared industrial site, very likely now demolished, proposed redevelopment site

Como, radio service, long history

Rockingham Aged Care

(photos coming soon - original photos by Talbot JT33

Aged care, retirement village, possesions left behind

South Fremantle Power Station

(photos coming soon)

Coogee Beach, power station, dilapidated and dangerous, falling apart, extremely weathered, East Perth replica, inaccessible site, Wilson security guards, graffiti & street art hot spot

South Lake Leisure Centre

(original photos by Krider8)

Closed down, swimming pool, leisure complex, handed over to Department of Education, Lakeland Senior High School

Swan Districts Hospital

(original photos by Millsy)

Middle Swan, abandoned hospital, derelict, trashed, falling apart, EON Protection security, graffit & street art

North Fremantle, small limestone cage, Aboriginal history, occasional place for homeless to sleep

West Leederville Units

(photos coming soon)

Mostly abandoned & boarded up, number of residents refusing to move out, full-time NPB security guard on site,

01 - Woodside Capital Square (First Visi

Woodside Capital Square

(Some original photos by Millsy)

Perth, Spring Street, Woodside, Tower 2 construction site, Site Services Holdings security, crane and swimming pools on site

Yanchep Lime Kiln

(photos coming soon)

City of Wanneroo, Emerald Park, historic site, heritage listed, restoration continuing

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