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A Quick Run-down on Homeless People

01 - Notebook paper.png


                Age: 31                    Sex: Male                    Race: Aboriginal/Caucasian

              Drugs used: Heroin, speed, coke... the lot

                Residential status: On the streets, always have been

Detention: Millions… since I was 8. It was like a permanent home for me

Jail: Since I was 16. I’ve spent the last 15… 16 years inside

Crimes committed: Murder, breaking and entering, car theft, robbery, home invasion, rape (accused)… everything!

Amount of times caught: A lot

Comment: Life sucks, but we learn to live with it. We live the best we can with what we have. Hopefully we shall find happiness

02 - Notebook paper.png


                Age: 16                    Sex: Female                Race: Caucasian

                Drugs used: Speed, Coke, Marijuana (used to), Dexamphetamine

                Residential status: On and off the streets

Detention: Never                   Jail: Too young

Crimes committed: Stolen cars, Possession, Violence, Shoplifting, General Street Crime

Amount of times caught: None

Comment: Life’s a bitch most of the time. Life won’t be like this forever and show me the money!

01 - Notebook paper.png


                Age: 15                    Sex: Male                    Race: Caucasian

                Drugs used: Everything (especially sniffing paint)

                Residential status: On the streets

Detention: Too many to count... 20 something?                   Jail: Too young

Crimes committed: Armed robbery, Breaking into cars, Stealing bikes… just about everything

Amount of times caught: Not many

Comment: Life is fucked. But then again, it’s good on the streets because people help you out. Besides that, it’s fucked. You take up drugs, and then you find you’ve got Hep C!

02 - Notebook paper.png

                Age: 25                    Sex: Female                Race: Aboriginal

                Drugs used: Speed, Heroin, Solvents, Marijuana and Pills

                Residential status: On and off the streets

Detention: 1001 times                   Jail: 17 times

Crimes committed: Assault and Stealing                   Amount of times caught: Heaps

Comment: Life is sweet. It’s not cool when you’ve got cunts that treat you like a dog because that’s when they bring you

down. I am too solid


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