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TRG Police in the National Archives vide

Photoshop Portfolio

Court Mosaic

(April 2018)

Court mosaic retirement present for a ma

National Archives of Australia YouTube Video 2

These photos were created for the second urbex video I did of the National Archives of Australia building. It was located on Berwick Street in East Victoria Park and has since been demolished.


(October 2017)

This was my first attempt at using Photoshop in October 2017. One of the bosses was a St Kilda fan so this creation was just to stir things up a little. Obviously, I've come a long way since and I may improve it in the near future.

04 -The Saints in the studio.jpg

White Ribbon Poster

(November 2017)

As I was stepping off the bus from work one late afternoon, my Supervisor rang me on the phone and asked me to urgently make a poster for the White Ribbon morning tea fundraiser that was being held the next day. She was aware I was learning how to use Photoshop and said, "It would be a good opportunity for you to showcase your work."

I spent all night and most of the morning creating something, which left me with some 90 minutes to sleep before I had to get up for my morning routine.

It turned out that my Supervisor had also asked two other people, although they'd just written in texta on a piece of paper. When I presented it to the head boss, I was informed that it was too graphic to post at work.

White Ribbon Day Australia Morning Tea F

Workplace Raffle Prize

(November 2017)

Workplace raffle prize Car Service Flier
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