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Bradley 'Bear' Eastwell


28 years old

01 September 1998

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Skye Maloney


17 years old

10 February 1999

Skye was my penpal growing up and although we never got to meet in the end, I will always remember her energy and passion for life.

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Roxy Peet


40 years old

25 September 2000

I would sit with Roxy for hours when she busked with her tarot readings. She was beautiful with a big smile but just wasn't coping.


Melinda Mae Davies


34 years old

7 March 2001


Although I didn't get to know Melinda very well, I was one of the last people to see her before she died. I will never forget her and her beautiful smile.




45 years old

May 2001

Terry was really struggling with Melinda's death when he was pushed in front of a car. He was quick with a joke and a smile and was awesome to be around.





Not much is known about him but he died in the entrance of the old Government Printing Building at 78 Murray Street in Perth, behind his full shopping trolley.

Jamie 'Trippa' Jebb.jpg

Jamie 'Trippa' Webb


21 years old

20 October 2003

You always had your mates' back, loved a good time, seemed full of life and everyone loved you. But you had your demons.

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Harvey Fox


22 February 2004

AKA Arvi Juhani Kettunen

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You managed to kick your drug habit but it all got too much when our egotistic bullying TAFE lecturer made your life hell and continuously humiliated and shamed you.

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Cade Brazier


17 years old

12 July 2006

You will be missed by many Cade.

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Stacey Mitchell


16 years old

17 December 2006

I only met you a few times but I remember your youthful energetic spirit was always so bright. Ready to explore the world with your big smile.




December 2006

Died in his wheelchair whilst living on the streets. He was quiet and very reserved. No one knew what his story was but he won't be forgotten.

Chelsey Lowry.png

Chelsey Lowry


22 years old

23 February 2007

You were battling so many demons and even turning to substances didn't help. You were quick with a smile but it never came from your heart.

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Little Terry



Thankyou for being who you were. You touched a lot of lives with your beautiful heart.

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David 'Nome' Evans


06 January 1985

15 June 2009

You were so generous with your time and energy. Always happy to help out your mates and pick them up but we couldn't pick you up in time.

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October 2009

After everything you went through, your health let you down. I hope you've found your peace.

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Rebecca 'Bec' Laurence


20 years old

12 November 2009

All the unanswered 'if only' questions remain but you'll always be in our mind and our heart.





You didn't have it easy from the start. If only that car hadn't hit you when you were 9. If only your parents had looked after you. But you did your best in life, always with a smile.

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Luke 'Rzolt' Hasler


22 years old

21 November 2010


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Buffalo Bill

December 2010


You left too soon but you left your mark.

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Anthony 'Crow' Tidbits'


26 years old

April 2011

You left too soon but so many people still remember you.

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Tammy Newton


29 years old

21 April 2011

Out of all the Chase Crew people I know, you were definitely one of the most unselfish, loving, brightest stars I have ever met with the biggest heart & hugs.